German Championships of Freestyle [Re: German unicycling organization]

The following information was given to me in the form of a 10 page 5.5 inch by
8.5 inch booklet by German Unicycle Federation President Sammy Hellwig, at the
USA National Unicycle Convention last week:

            Invitation to Freestyle - Competition

                  German Championships of Freestyle - Competition Sunday,
                  October 1, 1995

                Gym at the "Everhardstrasse"

                    50823 Koln - Ehrenfeld

            Organization: German Unicycle Federation G.U.F.
                   Host: Unicycle School Tscha-Tscha
                            Gutenbergstr. 68
                               50823 Koln
                        Tel. + Fax 0221-52 48 53

    The Competition is regulated by I.U.F. rules.

Participation: Every unicyclist can participate. German Champions will be found
out in the following events.

Individual Freestyle: 3 minute routine single Pair Freestyle: 3 minute routine
pair Group Freestyle: 5 minute routine at least 4 riders Mount Competition: 18
unicycle mounts King + Queen Rockathon: unicycle tricks in standwhip (idling)

Special: Challenge - everybody who finishes, wins ! Walk-the-Wheel (20m)
One-foot-Slalom (20m - 10 cones) Rodeo - upper body upright (20m)

  • Everybody has 2 tries, it’s not allowed to step down

Age groups: There will be several age groups, female and male separate in the
single events. For the first time we also have an expert class in individual
freestyle which gets the best unicyclists together, irrespective of age. Your
age group is determined by the age you are on the day of the competition. The
following are the age groups:

Individual: 0 - 12, 13 - 14, 15 - 18, 19 - 29, 30 and up, experts 0 - 99 years

Pair: 0 - 12, 13 - 14, 15 - 29, 30 and up (determined by age of older rider)

Group: no age group, at least 4 riders

Mount-Competition and Rockathon: 0 - 12, 13 - 99 years

Registration fee: 20 DM, until 1 September 1995; 40 DM, from 1 September to 27
September 1995. Remit or pay to: Sammy Hellwig, Postgiroamt Koln (BLZ 370 100
50), Konto-Nr. 484638-504.

Unicycles: all sizes are accepted, all unis must have white tyres.

Medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze

Cups: Expert class 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, Mount - King and Mount Queen,
Rockathon - Winner

[The remainder of the booklet provides further detail in the following

Dates and program


Mount - Competition


Registration form

Information Rockathon

German Champions

[A letter from G.U.F. President Sammy Hellwig]

If anyone wants further information, please contact Sammy Hellwig at the above
address. Or you can try to convince me to post the details I’ve left out to /

Stay on Top, in Germany,

Ken Fuchs <

Re: German Championships of Freestyle [Re: German unicycling

> Invitation to Freestyle - Competition
> German Championships of
> Freestyle - Competition
> Sunday, October 1, 1995

Please note that there are two German Championships this year! Last year Sammy
Hellwig and Christa Hommen organized it together. Then they had an argument
and now they organize separate events. Here are some information about the
other event:

Date: 27-29 October 1995 Location: Bottrop, Germany Events: freestyle, obstacle
course, races, relay races, walk the wheel, rodeo, one-foot race Contact:
Christa Hommen DJK Adler 07 e.V. Postfach 100139 46201 Bottrop phone:
02041/26942 fax: 02041/703815


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