German band 'Unicycle man'

i just found out that a german band by the name of ‘unicycle man’ will perform at a concert in johannesburg 2moro

google searches only gets me to TED PILTZECKER’s unicycle man album

does anybody have any info on this band?

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never herd of them butt check this out:

by the way i search the german word “einradmann” which in theory wud be there word for “unicycle man” but sinse germans tend to create new nowns frum anie too or more nouns if yu had searched the singl “unicycleman” yuo wud haf fownd wat you was looking fore.

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aha! unicycle man vs unicycleman

google can be so anal retentive sometimes…

found an english page on the band
sounds interesting

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yeah bi the whey if you go sea them let us no wat you thinck.

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Unicycle Man Balancing is a series of corrections. When the adjustments become subtle enough, one stays upright and the illusion of equilibrium is achieved. It is a interesting place to be - a pleasant blend of danger and control. Of course, riding that ultimate fine line is an impossibility. I’ve been been riding a unicycle for almost thirty years, and the activity remains metaphorical for so many things in my life.

— from the first link in this thread, apparently about the title track

Didn’t sell Unicycle Man CD’s once?

yes and they still do

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