Gerald Rosenkranz pinkbike downhill

That was awesome!

Loved this, every second of it! :sunglasses:
The way the hiker didn’t even flinch as he flew past :astonished:

For the Brits, does this bring those ‘Top Gear Challenges’ to mind? Do they have Top Gear in other countries?

“So, this week’s Top Gear Top Tip - If you’re looking for a £100,000 4x4 that can get you down mountains faster than anything else… You need to get yourself a unicycle…”

There’s a Top Gear USA, and a few other countries have one too. Lots of people say they prefer the UK version though! :smiley:

I think Top Gear UK actually has a Guiness Record for the most watched “Informational” TV show in the world… Though come to think of it, I think I learned that on Top Gear…

Wouldn’t surprise me - I watch it religiously and I don’t even like cars :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how we could get in contact with the Top Gear guys to make a video like this for the show! I’d happily volunteer but I’m not a very technical DH rider… :smiley:

This video is ripe for a blooper reel after the credits.

Would also be interesting what happened to the car. Because in the beginning it has two side mirrors and at the end the left one ist missing as well as the left side is totally scratched:D


They just started one in China.

Very cool video!

We have UK Top Gear.
May be we have US Top Gear as well but I saw it once and will not anymore…

The video is very great and amzing.
The rider is great technology.
I think the rider can participate Guinness Book of World Records.