George Peck: Wheel of Justice, now available

the Wheel of Justice is now for sale on on


i’m glad it’s finally “out there”…its been finished for almost two years now

and if any of you have seen it, id be interested to hear a review

Haven’t seen it but hope to and hope it is good.
Pure frustration that I moved back to Sterling, Alaska in '83 and never heard of him till the big article in the newspaper about him (ADN?). I have told my son, who lives in Soldotna, about him. Besides that, my daughter was born in Seward in '75. So close but so far away.
I know that predates what started there.
What might be had I started riding a unicycle then instead of now when I am a bunch older and and a big bunch bigger!

Huh…hard to believe that no one’s commented yet.

The unicycling in this is phenomenal. The ultimate wheel skills…insane. (Stairs on a cranky? Say WHAT?)

The flow and feel closely match the original. If you’re looking for a deathmetal screaming, kneecap-crunching, body slam-fest, skatecore style video…look elsewhere (you should know better anyway). However, anybody judging themselves to be a true mountain unicycling enthusiast should enjoy “Wheel of Justice” and the further exploration of George Peck’s (+family’s) life on one wheel.