Geocaching anyone?

If you dont know what it is, take a read through

I have been doing this as a hobby since 2006 or 07 and enjoy it when I have the time, alot of it is in the woods or around town in my area…
Well this morning I wanted to go “caching” and said “hey lets grab the MUni!”

What fun! Riding single track trying to read a small GPS screen and keep your bearing while keeping a wheel under you.
Only thing I didnt like was parking the Uni and wandering around in the bush for the last 30 feet hoping nobody came by and made off with my baby!

All went well, 2 caches found, new trail found that was a joy to ride down! Will go back to that park and ride that full trail maybe later today…
total of 6 miles before 9:30 am! Whew, can I nap now? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t imagine reading a gps while riding a MUni trail, at least not around here. It sounds like you had a great time, and found yet another thing to do on one wheel.

Most of the geocaching I’ve done has been on bike, or foot. Lately I’ve been riding my Coker with my son on his bike looking for local caches along our river bike path. My old Garmin mounts nicely to my Pi Bar so I can read it pretty well while riding.

I do a little geocaching. This year I plan to get a little more into it though and find more. For all of the other ones I have found, it was on a uni ride and I expect it to continue that way. It may seem awkard watching some one look around in the forest or in a tree, let alone with a unicycle though.

I left a Unicon card in the Geocache that I found, a few months ago.

But did you Uni to the cache site? LOL Would be kinda neat to find that card now.

I was thinking of making a thread about this a few months back to. :slight_smile:

My Dad and I go geocaching a far bit. Ive never been Muni geocaching yet. But I got to try it.

Yeah it was during a Saturday unicycle club ride, and one of the other riders told us about the Geocache. We didn’t have to go very far out of our way from where we were riding to find it. I had never heard of it until then, but it didn’t stir up enough interest for me to look for any more (and I don’t have a GPS). Have fun in your treasure hunts.

Look for a user on named “MuniMan”–it’s my riding buddy. He’s been a little quieter lately–not as many 100-cache days as he used to do … He & I hit up caches anytime they’re near where we happen to be riding.

My friend got me into geocaching last year when we were at the bussiness trip to Sweden. There it was a great fun, but I had no uni with me.
And now back in Poland I don’t go caching very often… but once I was climbing an iced hill on all fours dragging my uni :wink:

I love geochaching, unfortuneatly I havn’t done it nearly as much as I would have liked. I have just got a new phone, HTC Desire, found a new free geocaching app so think I’ll be back on it this weekend. Gives me a little more to aim for, rather than just riding as far as I can!

I’ve got a tag at home also so I need to drop that off next time too :slight_smile:

Oh wow, I never knew this even existed. It looks really fun!

I have a travel bug wandering around the UK is a cache right now… Listed as Go woody go, my user name is tmarkert… let me know if your anywhere near it…


I’ve been riding Muni for about 2 years and just got into geocaching. I did my first MUniCache today. It was a blast! Muni-ists tend to be outdoor lovers as do geocachers so it is a natural pairing of past times in my opinion. Check it out at You just might get hooked. All you need is a GPS unit or GPS-capable smartphone or ipad. There is even a geocaching app for the iphone/ipad.

I wonder if there are there any new MUnicachers out there since this post was last replied to last year? If there is a ground swell of MUnicachers, maybe we can get to make a video about MUni-caching for their “extreme geocaching” video series.

BTW my name on is yiker. yiker comes from “yiking” which is what my family has always called unicycling. (yunicycle + biking = yiking)

My brother got into this to therapy his knee after a bad wakeboarding accident.

I had been thinking of getting into it as well now that I am riding muni a lot. He has found so many cool trails and spots that I have never even heard of! I think it would be fun since I need a lot of breaks while I’m riding, and hunting around in the bushes for caches would be perfect.

Is it possible/reasonable to do them without a GPS?

Hey Dane, I’d say that you do have to have a GPS since the only information provided about the location of the cache is its GPS coordinates. I suppose you could get the coordinates of a cache from the web, paste them into google maps, zoom way in and make a mental note of the location or mark it on a trail map. That still might not be accurate enough, though, since a GPS can get you to within 5-10 feet of the cache, but you still have to scout around for a while within that radius to find it. Google maps even at the highest zoom level can’t get you anywhere close to that.

Geocaching is a great way to find the lesser known trails in your town! Often cachers use a cache to draw people to outdoor gems.

Yeah I didn’t think so. Are there some decent cheap gps units around. Wouldn’t need to be anything fancy, just to find caches.

Yeah, it would be cool to do Muni videos mixed with geocaching. (without showing the cache location of course ;))

It would be hard out in the woods, but my friend did it with urban caches when we’re on a trip to Sweden. There’s a google map attached to cache description so you can just zoom it in and if it is some characteristic point then it is possible to find it without gps with you.

And a special dedication for you caching guys.


Had some fun muni-caching today…