General Uni Questions

I had a few quesions id like to get answered.

  1. I have a Nimbus II trials Uni, 1 year old, with a rim that says Alex DX32 on it(sticker), but it doesnt have nipple eyelets, the rim i have vs other DX32’s ive seen on the web look different because mine doesnt have nipples(no pun intended), did they change the design sometime? I just want to know because im getting a new crank/ hub setup and i need new spokes, and if i dont have a DX32 rim then i dont know what lenght spokes to get, and id rather have a DX32.

  2. How do i go about painting my chrome frame, basic steps, and will it rust when i sand paper it

  3. Is the Alex DM24 rim any good, and can it hold a 3" wide tire, i know this is specific but i dont have any experience with skinny rims and wide tires on a muni, i was going to build a cheaper muni and the DM32 and a specific 3" tire a cheap

Thanks for all the help

The Alex DX32 comes in two flavors: with eyelets and without eyelets. You have the flavor that is without eyelets. It’s still a real Alex DX32.

Having eyelets is preferable because the eyelets make it less likely to pull through the rim and they make it easier to tension the spokes up really tight. The eyelets aren’t absolutely necessary but I’d still opt for the version with the eyelets even though that version is a little more expensive. Getting the version without the eyelets saves a little bit of money and a little bit of weight.

The dx-32 also comes with machined sidewalls, and some people have drilled them.

I use a sun Rhynolite (thin rim, similar to the dm24) rim with a 24x3" fireball. It works, but teh tire folds easily and comes off the rim if you run too low a pressure. Just get a wide rim, it’s mroe than worth it. The try-all rim is pricey, but light and wide. The doublewide is nice, as are the arrow and some others. I use a DX-32 with eyelets.

Re: General Uni Questions

  1. you can get it powdercoated, if you know of a place to do it for you. I don’t know a whole lot about it, so do a forum search for powdercoat.