General Uni and Equip maintenance

As the title says, what regular maintenance do you carry out on your uni?
Also, how do you wash your smelly gloves/661s?
Apologies if this has been posted before, just thought it would be a good thread to share ideas/procedures etc.

Regular maintenance:- None. As long as you store them inside so they’re dry, you only need to fix things that break, like if your wheel is loose, or cranks or whatever.

Cleaning pads, put them in the washing machine, but inside a sock. You need a big rugby sock (or whatever sport wears big socks in the US) to put big pads inside. Same with gloves.


Perfect timing. I neglect my unis so badly. :frowning:

Waiting for helpful responses.

What specifically are requiring help on???

I hardly do anything too them except check the tire pressure. I suppose I should be:

checking the cranks (but how often? every ride?) How do I know they are tight enough but not too tight?

cleaning it off more (lots of sand around here). Just blowing air on it from an air compressor to remove visible sand enough?

If I’ve ridden on the beach, anything special I should do afterwards? I don’t often ride on the beach but if I do, my son says I should be taking stuff apart after a beach ride and cleaning it all off. Hmmm…

Any possibility the seat will get stuck in one position if I don’t adjust it now and then?

Anything special if it has gotten extra wet from riding in the rain or mud?

I just noticed yesterday that my Exiwolf tire has a bald spot. I wonder if it is from practicing idling, or is it from when I was learning to turn more efficiently. The bald spot is on the middle of the tire not anywhere near the sides. I know it can’t be from storage because if it is in the garage I use the stand; in my trunk and it lays flat. My just now noticing it makes me really think I’ve not been paying attention to stuff I should.


If your tire has a bald spot it is because you don’t to either tire or crank rotations every couple of months. Shame on you! The rotations will add much life on to your tire and you will avoid the slight Kangaroo effect that you get when one part of the tire is worn away. Also very important is to check that your wheel is true. Bring the uni to a bike shop every half a year for wheel trueing if you don’t think that you can do it yourself. You should also make sure that all bolts are tight every few rides. This is how plenty of seat bases break. One or two of the bolts loosen and fall off and then all of the pulling force is put on only one bolt or axis. Those are the main maintenance tasks with Unis. In summation.

  1. Tire or Crank rotations every couple of months.
  2. Making sure that your wheel is true.
  3. Making sure that all bolts are tight.


Compressed air can blow dirt further into the uni just as easily as it can blow dirt out. I’d avoid using it.

The critical parts (bearings) are sealed against dirt and moisture. If you get salt water on anything, hose it off and let it dry in the sun… that’s all I’d worry about.

Sure, but it’d take a while for the metal to corrode that badly. I wipe my seatpost with a light oil / protectant before inserting it simply because it makes adjustment easier… that should protect against corrosion as well.

…just dry it, that’s all!

rotate cranks/tyre keep everything nice and tight,

true your wheel… dont leave it outside…

Well everything i dont do really, except the outside bit.

Thanks - we are building a good thread here:)
I have been rotating my tire, checking a few bolts here and there, maintaining tire pressure… thats about it! Oh, i never leave it outside… it stays in my room.
Thanks for the tip on washing the gloves… my KH Pulse totally stink! I’m surprised my friend even put them on her hands! they are currently in the wash inside a sock… just gotta hope no red dye comes out of them or mum wont be too happy!

Oops… that sounds like something I read about way back when I first started riding again last March but totally dismissed and looked for “fun” threads. :wink: Ok. I swear I am not a dingbat, well maybe I am when it comes to maintaining b*kes, unis, and cars. So… please give me crank rotation 101 and tire rotation 101. Tire rotation… um… there is only one tire… so… um… I guess you mean for that tire to come off flip it so the left is on the right and the right is on the left. (Is that what you mean?

Crank rotation… you got me there. I have no idea what or why this is all about.

Sounds like a job for my LBS. I wonder if he did it yesterday. I picked it up at closing and the guy who worked on it had left. I’ll make sure to ask him when I get the LX back.

Thanks for the summation. Keeps it simple for me. :slight_smile:

:astonished: This makes sense. Note to self, no more air compressor! Thanks.

Hosing it off and letting it dry sounds a lot better than what my son was telling me. Using a light oil on the seatpost sounds like a good idea too.

My unis are ALWAYS stored inside. Inside my trunk or garage.
Who could leave a uni outside?
Do some people REALLY leave them outside?
In the heat and rain and snow and dust and with all the critters of the night poking around it and building webs inside it. Tsk Tsk.

Let the air out of your tire and drag it round 90 degrees then pump up again… if you do this every so often you will get even wear… this moves the spot of wear 90 degrees each time you change.
Hope that makes sense:)

Ah… so you are saying just rotate it ON the rim 90 degrees not remove it from the rim and flip it right?

How about rotation 201. WHY does this make a difference?
Then again it must do something. Because after reading your post I got up and took a look at the EXIWOLF again. There are 2 bald spots opposite each other! I guess somehow rotating it would have made the difference.

I would suggest rotating the tire a bit less than 90? each time so you don’t just put it on a previously worn spot next time you rotate.

If you have a splined setup you can rotate your cranks but if you have a square taper interface you should rotate the tire and NOT the cranks.

You can flip the tire around if you notice more wear on one side than the other but this should not be a problem.

It’s all about even wear and prolonging the life of your tire.


haha great minds think alike, eh?

Yep, on the rim.
I dont really see the point in flipping it over completely unless there is wear evident solely to one side of the tire.
It’s all about evening out the wear of the tire, so if you can notice it wearing in a particular area just rotate it to a spot that will help even it out:)

EDIT: sorry for the duplicate info… we posted at same time!
yeah, i meant about 90 all the time… sorry, but seriously it would be difficult to do it exactly the same ALL the time;)

Ah… Thanks to both of you.

I’ll be doing the procedure tomorrow first thing. And then regularly thereafter. :slight_smile:

No worries, glad to help:)
I have only changed mine twice since i have had it… I originally thought i had a flat spot but then realised i hadn’t rotated the tyre… it is now worn back fine:)

I check air pressure every time I ride. even if I ride the next day. Then I basically give it the once over before I ride.

OMG! the glove in sock in washing machine worked a treat! they are soooooo clean and dont smell one bit!

That’s what washing powder is for. :smiley:


My older 20" uni (10yrs old) likes to rust on the spokes.

Any one encountering rust on the spokes or what preventive maint are you doing about it.