General Giraffe Upkeep?

Hey everyone,

Trying to figure out how to keep my giraffe in shape so the thing doesn’t die out on me and fall apart. It’s about 5 years old, and I’m wondering if I can keep extending its life by replacing parts. G has been good to me, so I’d hate to pitch it. Any suggestions? I’ve got a few points I’m specifically looking to address below:

-I’ve heard that a single bearing(or is it a cotterless crank inside?) is better than what comes inside of most giraffes. Why is this so?

-Seat: I have a standard saddle that doesn’t quite do it for comfort and distance riding.

-Tire: It’s a 20" Nylon that is only for indoors. I do a lot of outdoor stuff, so should I be looking into an off-road one?

-Clamp: It’s a United quick-release that looks pretty rusty and is getting hard to crank. Because I’ve had it locked in the same position for so long, the seat post has rusted itself inside the giraffe and won’t budge! Any ideal clamp to replace this with?

-Pedals: Just wait until the threading tears out or what?

-Brand name: I have no clue what kind the giraffe is (no name, just a cute little “Made in Taiwan” sticker) and my dad, who got it for me as a birthday present about 5 years ago, doesn’t remember where he snagged it from.

Thanks in advance for any advice you lend!


I am not exactly sure what you are asking with most of your post. I would say just keep replacing bits as they ware out or break. Upgrade the seat if you think it is worth it and have fun

Keep the chain oiled and the tire inflated and you should be fine.

If your bottom bracked lube runs a bit dry you can re-grease it: My photo tutorial.

My Schwinn Giraffe is over 35 years old, only re-greased the bearings, never replaced any of the drive train parts. Only pedals and seats.

Edit, you’re bottom bracket may be different. Looks like you’ve got square taper cotterless cranks?