Gemini Bridges Trail, Oct. 04'

Here’s me on top of one of Gemini Bridges. I have 22 fifth graders looking and yelling at me “Your crazy”. My daughter was one of the kids. I will try to post the story later. The photo will follow this.

Is it a bridge or an arch?

Awesome Pic!!! Looks like mega fun!

This is one of the few arches that you can ride on top of in the Moab area. The drop off on both sides is about 150 meters, the bridge is about 2 meters wide and is made up of the entrada rock formation. It is similar to the navajo sandstone, i.e. slickrock. I didnt want to leave.

That’s awesome. I’m fortunate to have spent most of my life tooling around the slickrock canyons of the Colorado Plateau. I’m not yet proficient enough to MUni but this country is great to spend time in no matter what your prefered mode of transportation is; MUni, mtn bike or walking. Great photo. And, those kids were right, “you’re crazy!”:wink: