Gemcrest Miyata CF Base Drilling?

I am probably getting one of these and i wanted to kno if it was possible to get the base and just drill it to fit the KH seatpost?

Also is it possible to use KH bumpers and handles on a Miyata base or do you need the Miyata bumpers?


You can definitely drill more holes in the saddle, it’s plenty strong.

I would not expect the KH bumpers to fit very well on a Miyata base.

my CF base is drilled to how you are looking for

The KH handle and bumper probaby won’t fit easily. You might be able to get them to stay on though even if it means filing away parts of the handle. Drilling many holes isn’t really as big a deal in CF.

I can say from experience that you can use a KH drilling pattern and seatpost on the miyata. I have a KH style rail bracket on my CF miyata. They are a tiny bit off (the KH is a little more curvy) but putting something in between them makes up for this. I have a doubled over piece of DH tube in between.

Edit: MacKenzie drilled mine for me too in that fashion. It works without any problems.

Sweeeeeet… Im tired of breaking stupid regular seats…I broke 2 today:( Well the first broke(snapped in half) and went down the garbage shoot and the second i snapped the stiffener plate.

I was practicing SIF drops and had some brutal landings.

Beware: For me CF meant less broken seats, more broken seatposts.

Pfft…I gots lots of seat posts Ive got 3 0r 4 at my house in my closet…Once those break im upgrading to Thompson

If anyone has succesfully put the KH handle on the Miyata CF base i’d love to hear bout it. Tony has a Miyata CF base but it hasnt been drilled or anything and he doesnt like the Miyata handle, would be goo news to him to put it on his KH Trials uni. woot

Well I’m only guessing. I have the Wallis handle and it is drilled for either pattern. So they must be pretty close in shape.

Well obie and Brian both did it and so am i so i guess you can tell Tony he doesnt have to use the Miyata Bumpers

Yeah, i guess its just a slight modification but the handle doesnt fit as stock.

I wonder if they cut the handle or the base to get it to fit?..

Check with Darren Bedford, he may have the KH style carbon fiber base still in stock.

Drilling the Miyata style CF base for the KH seat post is no problem. Lots of people do that.

You can fit the KH foam on the Miyata style carbon fiber base. The KH Fusion seat cover will also fit just fine over the Miyata style base.

The KH handle and bumper will sort of fit on the Miyata style CF base. You’ll have to do some fiddling to get them to fit well enough for use. The lip on the Miyata style CF base is deeper than it is on the KH. You can file the lip down so the handle fits. Or you could stack a bunch of washers between the CF base and the handle. You can make it work if you’re creative. The KH seat is more round in the rear and front so the bumper and handle have a different curve compared to the Miyata.

Search for threads on how to drill the CF base. It’s easy, but it’s also something that you want to get right the first time. Putting a thick piece of rubber or fender washers or something similar between the seat bracket and the CF base is a good idea.

My Coker seat is a Miyta style CF base with KH Fusion foam and a KH Fusion seat cover. However, I’m using a Kinport handle and Miyata rear bumper.

Thanks john…Darren does have the KH CF bases but theyre $120 CAD im getting mine from PDC for $88.

if you can afford it, I would suggest you get the Scott WAllis derail base w/ thompson post and deathgrip handle. the deathgrip is optional, but everyone I know who has tried it loves it. W/ the deathgrip handle and sif grips, all that would be $250 USD though…