Gemcrest CF vs. Axel CF

Anyone out there bought the gemcrest base from UDC that can give me a little review? I would like to buy it here and not overseas because of the shipping but if the quality is not worth it then i will get an Axel because i always hear great reviews from his work


I have a gemcrest/UDC CF base. I haven’t had any problems with it.

It is pretty much shaped like a Velo (pre 09 KH) base.

I have gemcest, and so far am loving it, I can’t compare though between the two as I don’t have an axel. What kind of seat are you upgrading?

the UDC base is twice as thing compared to the axel base. For normal use such as muni and other types of riding the UDC base will get the job done. If you are always doing tricks and pulling up on the seat get the Axel base.

The UDC base i have i have rounded out all the holes and had to modify them which was a real pain in the arse. Got the Axel base and not a single problem so far. Ive had it for about 6 months now and its the best CF base out there and it comes predrilled for you!

Axel base user and loving it with passion, so certainly prefer it over the Chemcrest which is not bad either, but not the same.

I’ve had both. I would go with an axel just because it come very nicely pre drilled. And it’s like a 20$ price difference from the gemcrest which doesn’t come drilled. The shape didn’t bother me much on either. The axel base seems wider in the back but it’s no biggy. Axel is great to work with though.

Kevin - How long did it take for you to receive your base?

Hey Tony.

Axel said 2 weeks but me and 2 of my friends received ours in 6 days. From France to Utah, that is pretty fast!

Hey guys thank you!The price is a little higher but the base is full carbon!
The other base are some lays carbon fiber and the other is glas fiber.
My base is stronger and never break!They comes with holes and bolts for the old KH saddle, Koxx saddle and impact saddel.
It goes normaly 5-14 days to USA.

You heard it from the source! :smiley: ^^