Gemcrest carbon fibre seat bases?

Well I pretty much just screwed up my previous Kris holm saddle, and I figured I’m not the “softest” rider, and I think I would appreciate a carbon fibre base. I’m curious to how the gemcrest seat bases are say compared to other brands? Are they worth it? And if not what would the ideal seat base be, and how would I get one?

Thanks all =D

I’ve got both Gemcrest and Scott Wallis CF bases. They’re both much stiffer than any plastic base you could get. A great upgrade either way!

The only difference between the two bases is the presence of T-nuts on the SW base. This makes it very very easy to install, adjust and remove the base as needed. I ordered these as an option from Scott Wallis when he was producing them… well worth the extra dough. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available.

If you’re not shy about drilling the Gemcrest base yourself, and you take your time and do a good job, you’ll be very happy with it no doubt. Well worth the cost, considering how much you could spend on several replacement plastic saddles…

I’ve never heard of ‘Gemcrest’ and their bases?

They’re the UDC ones.

Ahh! so that’s related to why my UDC orders always show up as GEMCREST LTD :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the Limited Company name of in the UK. It is actually an older company than origionally working as a product design consultancy.


Most people I know (including myself) ride Axel CF bases, they come predrilled, with bolts and stuff, and are super easy to install.

…and obvious by far the strongest, proven by zero failures till date.

I’m curious to where you get these? Haha I’d there a website of some kind?

No website, email him at axel (dot) kaestle (at) gmx (dot) de. But yeah they’re amazing. :slight_smile:

I agree, they are fantastic. I ride one, and I believe front-flipper Adrien Delecroix does too.

Hmmm, interesting logic. But may not be true. Very few Gemcrest seat bases break at all and the average life span is measured not in months but in years. The Axel seatbase is not old enough to match even the shorted life of the Gemcrest base yet from what I can tell. (I have several that are 11 year old and used almost every day)

The bases are different in construction though. The Gemcrest base is made with a combination of 3 different carbon weaves and has a glass core. The glass core is there to offer additional toughness - first designs were 100% carbon weave but proved to be less durable than the mixed design.

The Axel base is 100% carbon weave which in theory should make it lighter. It is also really nicely finished and does have the holes pre-drilled, nice!

The Gemcrest base was sold as DIY to allow flexibility as people initially wanted to fit the saddles to their specifications. It also kept the price down. Most failures have been been caused by poor fitting or trimming of the side walls. I guess it is now behind the times… still not a bad product.


mh I think Leo’s statement base on the fact that a lot of the riders that ride an Axel CSB now use before a Gemcrest and break it inner some month. A lot break by “assbomb” which is pretty hard for a Carbon base to handel. This don’t mean that the Gemcrest is a bad product, don’t missunderstood me, it is cheeper and good and i also know some very old ones that still work, but for those who go on extrem levels it seems for the moment to be stronger. However, lets talk about again in maybe 3 years, then there will be a better overview.