Gemcrest Base compatibility

Hey all,

I apologize if this is a post that has been repeated, but i couldn’t find the information i was looking for in other threads. I Have the Carbon fibre seat base on its way and am curious of the compatibility with certain components. I have a 08 Kris Holm saddle and a 10 KH saddle and am curious: Id prefer to swap out the 10, but am not sure of the compatibility. Do the bumpers and foam an issue? as well as the newer seatposts, as i know they are slighlty wider (KH seatpost with the “shiny” “head”):smiley:


Really, just which seat should i rip apart? :thinking:

Did you order the KH-style Gemcrest or the Miyata-style Gemcrest base?

That’s really all you need to worry about. IIRC, there isn’t a huge difference between the bumpers between '08 and '10.

You can check the fit of the bumpers and/or seatpost without “ripping” anything… a wrench is all you need.

It is in fact a KH base. I just know the newer seat post doesn’t fit the older (or atleast my 08) saddles.

Ok one more question and I figured I’d ask it here instead of starting a new thread (also I’ve searched and found nothing on this).

There seems to be a lot of space between my new seat base and my handle. I’m going to drill soon (as I got the base today) and I’m curious of what I could put between the handle and the base, as there seems to probably be about 1/2 a centimeter of space.


I had that problem with my axel base and my seat bumper, I put a couple washers between it and it seems to be working well. Just stack up as many as you need.

alternatively, a bit of rubber or something stops the base from getting scratched up :smiley: