Gel vs Freeride Saddles for Muni

I´m not comfort to performance Muni with the KH Freeride beacause actually i need to jump out of the saddle.
My question is ¿what i need to do? ¿to use Gel or Freeride saddle?
note: i will jump a lot (may be 1 km of 7 that i will go throw)


I hope english is at least your second language. Please clarify so we can help you out.

I think he is asking us if we think he should use the Gel or freeride saddle. Sounds like he does a lot of seat out front hoping and rarely goes over 1km without doing some SIF.

It is not that hard to figure out

My advice is to use whichever seat you think is the best compromise, Use the Gel if you find it easier for hopping seat out and don’t mind it for the rest of the ride, or use the Fusion if you don’t mind it for hopping but find it more comfortable for the rest of the ride.

Monochito, It is your call

thanks Saskatchewanian! that´s i want to say… sorry with my english
Actually i being to do Muni (sometime downhill), and i need to jump out of the saddle a lot! I do not like the gel saddle for long distances because it´s to bad to your buttocks, and neither the KH Freeride saddle because it is not as comfortable to jump (what irony!).
I´m thinking to buy the freeride saddle in UDC but, did you know any place more cheap?

I’d say the Kris Holm street but that isn’t comfortable either. You can still do sif with the fusion freeride so you should maybe just go with that if comfort is an issue.

The Nimbus Gel & KH Street saddles are easy to hold SIF. For me the uni tends to wobble side to side more as I pedal.

The KH Fusion Freeride is more comfortable but a bit harder to hold SIF than the Street. More comfortable and easier to hold SIF than the '05 KH saddle IMO.

The KH gel can be comfortable, but you may need to play with the seat angle. I bought a KH adjustable seat post and it’s the bomb for fine seat adjustments.

I ride the gel on distance and muni and it’s my favorite over the freeride. The freeride is a fine saddle, but it’s sorta mushy, a little wide, and I don’t feel as much control/agility with it as I do with the gel. The Nimbus gel is another decent choice, but the seat has to much “swoop” and makes my privates hurt :stuck_out_tongue: