Gel seats?

Yes, I’ve searched and read many of the old posts on this subject.

I’m just after an up to date straw poll from those of you have used them.

I have Viscount saddles on most of my unis, and a standard Miyata on my 28. I’m good for a couple of hours, with breaks, before the pain becomes significant.

Are gel saddles really better? If so, UDC (out of stock, but cheaper) or Koxx?



I like my Koxx 1 gel seat. I’ve ridden up to 8 miles at a time, and had no pain or numbness. Ridden it 3 to 15 hours a week since January, Enough to wear out a 24x3 muni tire mostly on pavement.

Just recently I’ve discovered a problem. Lately I’ve been hopping. When I try to hop high, pulling up on the seat handle, it has always felt like it moves slightly or is loose. I’ve been tightening the bolts that hold the handle to get rid of this play. I’ve been careful to tighten just a little at a time. Not being careful enough, tonight I noticed that I’ve overtightened those nuts that hold the handle so that one bolt has gone completely through the to of the caped nut. This means that I’m pulling the square bolt head through the plastic seat base.

So now I know that the play in the seat handle is the flexing of the seat base. I’ve damaged the seat by mistakenly overly tightening the handle tiring to get rid of the play.

I think I’ve read that the same plastic seat components are used in the plastic base Kris Holm seats.

trisco gel seat

I have got Viscount also.
One word for solution to seat discomfort: Trisco gel.
See thread and photo of it, no more pain for me.

I just bought Evan’s Coker, and he gave it to me with a KH airseat, but I think I am going to put a thin layer of Gel in the top, both to get rid of the weird bulges fromt eh tube, and that extra bit of comfort. I found a guy on Ebay who sells uncovered Gel pads made to be put into Motorcycle seats for <$20 (+$9 shipping) so it’s a nice big 1/2" thick piece that I can cut down to put into the seat, I am just waiting to see if he’ll take my $25 including shipping offer, sicne the cheapest I coudl find large size gel seat covers was also $25, but this way I know it’s big enough and I might even be able to use the spare gel for something.

Another solution to the nut problem could be inserting a small metal washer. I’m sure you have at least a few of those around the house or in the garage.

I just recently got a UDC Gel, and after using it this weekend for some quite serious distance & off road riding I seriously reccommend it. The lower profile makes it easier to mount, easier to turn & easier to reach my brake handle, plus Its the first time I’ve ended a weekend of riding with my calfs hurting & my thighs being ok.


AH, the KH or KH clone Gel seat…thats the mystery seat i and many others in USA have been waiting to try.

UDC (america) reportly “wasnt impressed” with them accourding to a post here i read some time ago.

either way, i hope they come over here somday so i can provide my opinion of this rare seat.

If you’re really desperate to try them I’d preorder, cos Rogers stock of 100 went in around a month. I’d expect the US stock to decrease even faster. I think they’re headed your way pretty soon.

I did another few hours at the weekend and I’m still happy with it (UDC). The ribbing on the handle isn’t great, I might smooth it out with some filler, but apart from that it is pretty comfy

Pete has one on his Schlumpf. The furthest I’ve gone on it so far is 30 miles. It’s a good saddle. I’d like to try one on a rail adaptor and see how that goes. At the moment I find a KH with a rail adaptor to be comfier than a UDC gel without a rail adaptor.

Everyone is a different shape and has different technique though. The only way to tell how it’d work for you is to suck it and see.

I have a Koxx One
It is just great! I really see the difference with a standard one.

I’ve never tried a UDC

The Koxx is less durable, it took me 2 months to wear a patch in the rear corner from Coker UPDs.
The UDC Gel I replaced it with seems a much more durable cover, and is less slidy.

Koxx for freestyle (but only just ahead) and UDC for outside is my opinion.

I have a Koxx 1 gel saddle that I’m very pleased with. It’s on my 20” freestyle/hockey unicycle though I did try it on my Coker but I didn’t like it for shock absorbing so I have an air seat on the Coker now (which I really like).

Different saddles suit different people for different riding and it’s not until you try them that you really know what’s right for you. If you want to try my Koxx Mike (ahem) you’re more than welcome. I’m at hockey on most Tuesday nights between 8 and 9 with it though I think you busy on Tuesdays. We could meet up for a ride, Muni or big wheel, sometime and I’ll bring it along and as it’s only four bolts you could try it on your unicycle of choice if you like.

You know where I am let me know.


Thanks, Gary. Might try that some time. Remind me when and where the hockey is? Can’t play at the moment as nursing a bad case of batchelor’s wrist - too much fencing is my excuse. Might come along to watch though.

P.S. About time to change the signature? That one has a long flowing beard now.:stuck_out_tongue:

We play hockey on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm officially (that’s what we pay for) though we usually arrive around 7:30pm and finish at 9:15pm’ish in summer. The place is Darley Fields, Chester Green, Derby. ( Location map, Ariel photo with overlay map - the orange square is the pitch)

try an air seat i have just converted my kh seat into one and its brilliant

how wonderful for you.

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