Gel Saddles

I want to get a gel saddle for my street uni and i have some questions.

  1. What is the difference between the KH/UDC gel saddle and the koxx one gel saddle?

  2. Can you remove the cover and put a KH fusion cover on them?

  3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of gel saddles?

The koxx is a little more flat than the KH. I like my KH even without the gel, but saddles are like shoes in the sense that what fits me won’t necessarily be good for you.
Gel saddles are a little heavier than air saddles, if that’s the kind of comparison you’re after. Gel is supposedly more comfortable than foam. Other than that I can’t help you.

  1. None that I can see apart from branding. The Koxx one has a big logo on it, the others have wee subtle logos.

  2. I don’t see why not.

  3. It’s gel! Same as when you put a gel saddle on a bike. It’s more comfy!

Other than that, the gel saddles are not as tall as a KH. I got one on my coker and it’s well comfy. Never tried it on trials uni or muni but am going to soon, just to see.

Hope this helps.