gel saddles??

hi i was wondering what people think of gel saddles (koxx one gel saddle, nimbus gel saddle and onza limey gel) wwhat are they good for what are they bad for? anyone have a review? thanks

I had a nimbus gel saddle. By far the worst design for me. I think you’ll find that the gel really doesn’t add much to the seat. My favorites: KH freeride, KH street and the Nimbus gel base built up with an air bladder and a tiny bit of foam on the sides.
That being said… Seats work differently for everyone. The nimbus gel seems to work for street and flat. I jay didn’t like how it smashed my junk.

I guess everybody bottom is different. I am doing a foamectomy on my fusion freeride right now. I have 1" thick of high density visco elastic (memory foam) that Im going to try on top of a base.

I like the nimbus Gel but its no miracle, but it didn’t feel like it was packing out. My main complaint on the Nimbus Gel is the width between the legs. I haven’t had a chance to try my Gel seat on a ride as long as I have done on the Freeride due to a groin pull. So I can’t do a fair direct comparison.

I was suprised when I chopped into the freeride that there is 2 (maybe three hard to tell) different kinds of foam in there. Cuz it sure didn’t feel like it to me. The top and sides are covered is a low density foam and then there are two inserts on either side of the channel of a higher density foam.

I may be ruining a sixty dollar seat, or I may be making a $60 dollar seat into $120 seat. I hope I love it. But on the stock seat I was in agony after a 1 hour ride. I think one of the differences might be weight. I’m about 30-40 lbs overweight and that means a lot more pressure on all my sit bones. Light people might be better suspended by the lower density outside foam.

although i love nimbus unicycles, my main complaint with nimbus saddles is the fact that…well…they’re not comfortable at all.

they’re too curvy. there’s no need for such a “steep curve”

they need to redo them so they’re more like the kh fusion street.

but, i ride trials, so for sif hops they work fine.

Nimbus Gel +1

I have nimbus gel saddles on both of my uni (20" Nimbus trails, 26" muni) . I find them to be very comfortable and have ridden several miles on the 26".

i really disliked it, it was uncomfortable.

I dont like the curve of it as well.

I thought my nimbus saddle was ok, but I like impact saddles a lot more.

cut down the foam on one of my nimbus gels as an experiment lat night(to reduce that terrible curve). success. pics later. now it’s like a mix between the fusion freeride and the fusion street. and 1000000000000x more comfy.

Looking forward to the pics since I have been considering tearing into my gel seat to make it narrower.

They’re small and sleek and therefore good for trials, i like the kris holms the best

They’re not any smaller or sleeker than the KH freeride and KH street. It’s really the curve of the foam that’s different. In fact, the newer nimbus seats use a KH base.

I’m curious about the new Nimbus Gel seat. The old one used the old KH base, and the new one uses the new KH base. So, how does that change the opinions stated above? Are these talking about pre-2009 seats? If so, I would like to have some updated comparisons that talk about saddles available now, not what we would have bought last year.

I’m in the market for a new seat for my Coker, and I’m very interested in finding out about the new KH street seat, and the Nimbus Gel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

i have new ones. like 3 2010s…with the allan bolts… it’s just something about the way the foam is shaped. i think it’s horrible. the kh foam is more flat…and the nimbus foam is really curved and way more firm…but too firm i think.

some people like it though.

i’d rather have a fusion freeride or a street over a nimbus gel. the actual base i like. it’s very solid.

I too had a 2009… it really is just the way the foam is shaped. I ripped the foam off and it an air bladder on it and it’s just fine.

When are you gonna put pics up?