Gel Saddle versus KH Fusion?

Check out this seat at

it is apparently good for long distance riding and muni and downhill, i want a really supportive seat, and i was wondering if it would be better, as in more comfortable for long distance riding than the KH Fusion Saddle I have just broken:P

Any handy tips? does anyone have one similar? does gel wear out much faster than the other forms of padding?

they are good for ditance. But I’ve used a modified kh seat and I find this better. I haven’t tried the fusion but I think it would be better.

i have one, its isn’t worn out after 8 moths of daily usage, but it can get kinda uncomfortable after maybe an hour or so

I just used that saddle in a 25 mile bikathon on my uni, its very comfy though you may also want to look at:

As for the gel saddle, the whole cushion isn’t gel. Its just an area on the front of the seat which is ‘gel’ and it doesn’t go all the way to the plastic base, its just really a patch of softer foam.

for distance you want the fusion freeride saddle

Or better yet, a fusion freeride converted to an air seat, with duct tape enhancements.

  1. air seats are horrible for most people for distance.

  2. the freeride fusion part makes no difrence; you taking out the foam and replacing it with air…

personally, i find air seats too squishy and shifty, also, they are so horrible when they get flats. total ride ruiner

'07 Fusion freeride just the way it is. UNmodified.

I have really struggled to find a comfortable seat and overal, for distance, it’s the Fusion Freeride.

I have:
Torker DX - Not flat enough and I go numb pretty fast. Easier to hold for SIF than KH air.

Nimbus Gel. The easiest to hold onto for SIF, but I go numb after 30-40 minutes of riding w/o breaks.

Fusion Freeride - overal the most comfortable, esp. on smooth terrain, but my but and back get sore from drops. Not as easy to hold for SIF as the DX, the top surface and squishy foam makes it squirm in my hand.

KH air - I swiched the tubes from a 20X1.75 to a 20X2.5, I think I whent a bit too big of a tube. It took forever and many attempts to get it on just right both is rather comfortable and absorbs the impact from bumps and drops well. I like it at 4.5 psi the best, but it’s rounded instead of having two nice ridges for my sit bones. The hardest to hold onto for SIF. Mainly do to the thickness, but also do to the squishyness.

What I think the perfect saddle would be:

KH air - 20X1.75" or 2.00" tube and a .5 inch thick foam cut too match the whole area of the seat w/ a .5 -1 inch strip down the middle missing from the foam.

If the base isn’t completely broken you may want a stiffener plate or a CF base (couldn’t find either on the Aus. site) You should still get one of these even if you completely broke the base and ruined the foam, since you will eventually break the base of whatever replacement seat w/o them.