gel saddle on UDC

new gel saddle on UDC!

Here it is

i think i might order that, it looks really nice

i just drueled. Thats a really cool seat, if only i had the spare money

yea, i really want one. oh well, more stuff on my wish list :roll_eyes:


You do really want one. They’re awsome!

Why are they so great?

there skinnier, better for sif, more comfy because they have gel, and ive heard there lighter. they also reduce chaffing. and they look pretty!

Hey Miles, if you ever get another seat I want to buy your KH foam. Your foam is so nice. It is really comfortable and thin, I don’t really know why you would want a gel but whatever.

lol i have an old 5’ schwinn giraffe that has a viscount saddle, and I would probably put the gel on the giraffe or the fusion on the giraffe. I probably wont get it though. my foam is all nice and squishy though:) i think its because its one of the really new fusion saddles or something.


I had it this for a week. But, I didnt have the right seat post. I’m still waiting for that to come in from UDC. It seems really cool.

I’ve got one of these, it’s actually made by Velo. That said, the UDC in the UK calles it the “UDC Gel seat” or somesuch, and I think it might be marketed as the “Nimbus Gel Seat” in the states now???

It’s quite thin, it’s comfy. It looks similar to the KH Fusion saddle but it’s flatter in profile, so may suit people with differently shaped butts :wink:

It has a nice handle on the front, similar to the KH. For me, it was worth the money, I’m happy with it. I’m converting my old nasty Velo saddle to a gel/air seat, so I’ll see how that compares…

Mine is like sitting on a brick now that I got the correct seat post. I’m hoping itll get worn in…maybe. Im thinking about switching back to my homemade airseat.

have you tried it yet?

When, i get my unicycle ill probably buy that after a little!