Geezer trials?

Hi all–

So my riding buddy and I are in what would have to be classified as the geezer class (at least as the poll on how old unicyclists are would have it)–Gary’s 36, I’m 42. We ride muni mostly (he has a 24" and I have a 26" muni), but like to take a day now and then to just play around. Yesterday we spent time hopping up stairs, doing smallish drops (around 2 feet), and trying to figure out the whole pedal grab thing. Gary managed to pedal grab onto and then off of a bench, and I figured out how to hop down from a pedal grab pretty well. But I still couldn’t quite get the pedal grab part itself down. It probably didn’t help that it was dumping rain and pretty slick. I’ll get it eventually.

Anyway, the point of this is to ask how many others in the non-teenage/young adult class do trials-ish stuff, and if you do, what do you do? I notice that, in the trials threads here, the majority of posts are from those who are considerably younger than me. I’m just wondering how many other “older” uniers like to mess around with this stuff. I’m also just wondering if you have dedicated trials unis, or if you just use your muni for this kind of playing around.


Hi Peter,
As a geezer-ish learner(36), I can tell you that the first thing I’ll be learning, once I’ve mastered freemounting, will be hops and drops.
My girlfriend Pinwheel, who of course it would be impolite and rude of me to mention her age, cough 42 cough has already progressed to hopping up and down steps after only 4 months of practice.
She makes it look easy.
The cow.

I learned two years ago at age 41 and I love practicing hops and stuff. I’ve recently got my 180 hop-twist nearly perfected, but so far too chicken to try a grab or grind.

Let’s hear it for the geezer group. It’s hard to believe that at our age, we would even think of attempting such feats.
My prefered riding style is also muni. When I’m not able to get over to the State park, I’ll work on riding skinnies in my back yard. I have a 2X4 that’s 4" above the ground that I practice with. Yeah, I know, the height is death defying. Once I get consistant enough on that height, I’ll raise the bar.

I also work on hopping up onto curbs, stairs and hopping over the 2X4. I work on seat in and seat out. When I’m riding Muni, I’ll work on some natural trials at the park. Hopping onto and off of rocks during my ride.