[Gee Matteau] Spring 2011

Here is a video i’ve filmed yesterday. It’s a short ride, i know. But that’s all i’ve filmed.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

Nice, man. A good, clean style to watch :wink:

Nice clean riding. I really liked the gliding at the start.

Thanks guys. Those comments are very appreciate, really,

cleanest 3 side spin ever. Nice job!

that was really nice to watch!

it was clean as well! I also liked the camera shake in there, its nice to see something besides tripod shots all the time

also agree about your nice riding to watch :slight_smile: your side spins look awesome as the tyre stays on the ground the whole time!

keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Side spins always look awesome

It’s a very huge motivation to receive comments like that. Thanks a lot !:slight_smile: