[Gee Matteau] So cold - So cool

Some new tricks and a lot of fun.

Enjoy. :sunglasses:

That has got to be the best flat/freestyle practice location I’ve ever seen.
Good to see it wasn’t wasted on a lousy video either;)

Very nice :slight_smile:

Nice, man. I really like your style. Keep it up :smiley:


Yeah, I really like that spot to :smiley:
And thanks Eli.

I thought the same. In fact, I assumed you had it built just for practicing hence the credit to mom & dad at the end of the video.

Nice work.

Nice, bro. I like how on your 5spins you don’t really jump up.

Nice video. I like your 5spins too. What song is that?


The song is Lights- Ellie Goulding ( Dream Dubstep remix )