Gearing-up my giraffe

I spent awhile searching the forum and couldn’t find what I’m looking for so I apologize if this is a fairly repetitive thread.

I want to increase the gear ratio of my Torker TX but I don’t know where to find chainrings which attach on the axle in the middle of the chainring. All I have found are typical bike chainrings which have either 4 or 5 bolt attachment. Anyone got any suggestions of where to look?



I don’t know the answer to your question, but…
If it’s a normal square-taper bottom bracket axle you could try fitting a pair of bike cranks then fit whatever size chainring you want. The downside to this might be trying to line the chainring up with the sprocket on the wheel, although it’ll probably be near enough to work with such a long chain.

I’ve looked into this with my Torker TX. In order to not be messing with the lockring on the bottom, you’ll have to put a spidered set of cranks on the top bracket, and attach a ‘bmx’ pitch chainwheel (I think it’s 1/2 or something? I could be making things up here) to the spider. The current set of cranks aren’t really modifiable. If you want anything past 1:1.5 or so, you’ll have to start changing the size of the lower sprocket, which requires a lockring wrench and all sorts of weird tools.

Good luck! (also taking it into a bike shop and asking them how to do it might be a good plan - they know about the equipment you’re after. It will get you some weird looks though)

I did this…

I removed the bottom sprocket and replaced it with a smaller one. You just have to figure out how small (number of teeth) the sprocket should be to gear it to a rideable tire size. Make sure to use locktite on the outer lock ring or the sprocket will come loose.

I did all this to mine, but the size was wrong and I turned it into the equivilant of a 46 inch tire. :astonished:

Edit to add… Don’t forget to shorten the chain of course.