Geared up Giraffe, whats the problem?

I saw a post earlier by Ken i beleive, saying that geared up giraffes are not
good due to the wheel turning faster than the pedals. or something like that.
What do you mean?

I have 3 giraffes of various wheel sizes and heights. They have all had
different gearing including 1:1. they are all currently geared up 1.2:1 of 1.5:1
I have no problem with the wheel/pedal synchronization. In fact I’ve always
thought it improved the handling, faster turns etc.

I will agree speed on a giraffe is crazy, getting thrown from 5-6’ up at
anything over 12 mph could be painful. I had my 26" giraffe at 1.5:1 for a while
till I was thrown almost 20’ landed running as fast as possible.

Just curious about what was said.