geared unicycle hubs

looking for any information (links) on any geared hubs that have been made or converted for unicycles. I am aware of Gregs single speed already. I am mostly looking for multi speed conversions.

Thanks Wheelz

Have you heard of the Schlumpf Unicycle? They are a new type of two speed unicycle from switzerland. Search for them in the discusions on this site or on google. They are very intreging, but unfortunalty cost more than I’m worth.

Anyone know of Sturmey Archer conversions I saw on Gregs website that people have tried it i am currious as to how they did it?

The Bikesmith made a Sturmey Archer conversion. They took a three speed hub and turned it into a two speed fixed gear hub that is shiftable. There was about a 30% change from high gear to low gear. A neat hub for a fixed gear bike.

Sadly The Bikesmith closed down about a year ago. The shop is no more although the web site still exists. The owner is still in Seattle and may make some more of those two speed fixed gear conversions.

It is a bicycle hub. It could work on a giraffe style unicycle. Woudln’t work on a standard unicycle. I don’t know how well the design would hold up to unicycle abuse. Unicycles put different loads on the gears than bikes (things like idling and such).

The interesting geared unicycle project now is the Outta Phaze uni being built by Dave Stockton. It’s based on Pete Perron’s Purple Phaze unicycle. It’s not shiftable on the road. But you can change the gearing at home in the shop to suit your needs. It can be adapted to a wide range of gearing. It’s a really neat design and it rides well. If you have a need for speed (maybe thinking of setting a speed or distance record) then this is the one to get.