Geared unicycle frametab revision

I have completed my third iteration of the connection between the sun gear and the frame. I am happy with the appearance of this final version. Close up photos are provided at the bottom of this page:

I have ridden about 5 miles so far and there is no difference in ride between the frametab connection versions. This one is just prettier.

It is still deceptive to freemount but I have yet to notice any of the disturbing frame and seatpost axis torques that I had feared.

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On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 22:01:51 -0600, harper
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>It is still deceptive to freemount
I am not a strong freemounter myself so who am I to talk? But it
surprises me that it is so difficult.

Klaas Bil

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I have no experience with it, so I don’t know what I’m talking about. That said, think about this.

Getting the wheel rolling is going to be slower to start up, at least with forces that you put on the pedals. However, once you get it moving, I can see it really whipping out on you fast, especially with pressure on the pedals. So, my usual mount, being the rollback mount, would be a serious pain to control. I can see it being tough.

As for the kind of mount I’ve seen Chris do where he puts the pedals horizontal and just jumps up on them with his feet touching both at about the same time, he may have less trouble, except that once he starts rolling, he needs to be ready for it to zip out faster than he expects.

Of course, I may be totally saying something stupid, since I haven’t tried it.


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I think what Harper is reffering to- correct me if I’m wrong- is the whiley nature of the wilde epicyclic velocipede. They are extraordinarly hard to approach; one must fool them into a false sence of security by complaining of back pain, dehibilitating neck injuries, and twisted ankels- just to keep them from bolting off at top speed. Once you have managed to come within a few meters, streatch your arms in the air (do not make direct eye contact with the beast) and loudly declair that you are drop dead tired- then perform a 180 jump mount into the sadle and hang on for dear life.

For the unitiated, this ‘Dance of Deception’ often results in tread marks across the face, deep pedal marks on the back, or worse. The key is sincerity. Keep in mind that Harper is a pro-breaker, and that the less experienced might indead encounter extream torquing, bucking, and nasty seat bites. Remeber: they can smell your fear.


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I am fairly sure it is incompetence that it smells. At least when I try to mount the rascal.