Geared unicycle at winter

This spring I bought new geared unicycle KH36.
And now I am afraid about using it at winter. Did anyone know what will happen with hub at -40C or -50C? Maybe Arctic unicyclist know.

Should I change oil or I shouldn’t touch shift button at winter?

Interesting, I’m also planning to buy a geared hub but I think my lower temperature limit will be about -30C. I’ve once experienced -47C and I wouldn’t consider unicycling in that temperature, it was crazy…

Terve, Polarmuni!

You just need more clothes for -40 -50 unicycling.

I have a geared hub also but I dont use it in the winter just to make sure I keep it in good shape. I have a few other un-geared wheels though so it’s not a problem.

A friend of mine rides his in the winter though. I’m just worried about rust, he washes it after each ride to keep it in good shape. I will ask him if he has shifting problems in the coldest temperature.

P.S.: He is now building his Schlumpf into a 26x4" setup. I can’t wait to see this beast rolling :smiley:

Hub works fine for me in -15…-20°C.

Here it is.
Schlumpf hub at -35°C after one hour of riding.

Here it is. Schlumpf hub at -35°C after one hour of riding :slight_smile: