Geared Uni Questions

I have been doing some searching on the forums after hearing about the KH geared muni. From a couple threads I have read I saw that Kris said that the hub will be available to any KH frame. Does anyone know if there will be a way to attach this hub to a coker? I do not know much about the hub or if/how it attaches to the frame.

Another question that I have is how did the geared 36" (black beauty) hold up in the laos unitour? How did it ride throughout the tour? How did it compare to the geared 29ers and regular cokers?

Last question…which I probably could find by searching some more, but I figured it would be easier just to throw it in with this post…Ken, how did the schlumpf 29 compare this tour with the year before when you rode a coker?


There was no geared Coker on the Laos unicycle tour.

The KH/Schlumpf geared hub will have a standard bearing width (same as the Coker, KH, Nimbus frames, etc.) so potentially could fit all these frames. It doesn’t need an additional hole in the side of the frame to fit a lever arm (like the existing Schlumpf hub).

However, there is one difference: Most bearing housings have a lip on both sides. To fit the new KH/Schlumpf hub, the inside lip of the bearing housing (the side closer to the flange) cannot be deeper than 2mm.

It doesn’t have to be exact, so potentially you could take any frame and grind down the inside lip to make it fit. Easier to do this with an aluminum frame though. In future (after the end of August), all KH frames will have a low-profile lip on the inside of the bearing housing to fit the KH/Schlumpf hub.


This might be a stupid question but is there a way to lock the hub into a certain mode so the button cannot be accidentally pushed? A while ago I was thinking that a geared trials uni would be good for street riding because the extra speed could help clear stairs and stuff like that but if someone does a crankflip that is not landed perfectly then the hub could be shifted on accident and that wouldn’t be good.

The buttons can be adjusted outwards or inwards, which makes them harder or easier to shift. If you adjusted them so that they didn’t stick out at all, you couldn’t accidentally shift.


is it possible to idle on a Guni??


Why wouldn’t it be?

i donno. i know nothin about them. (i thaught this cuz i cant idle on my geared bike)

Thanks. This will be a possible future purchase for me then! Cant wait to hear more about this product.

Yeah, it is possible. It will be harder though. If you were to idle on a 24" geared up to a 36" equivalent, then it will feel sort of like idling on a coker.

Oh, by looking at the equipment page on the site it seemed as if Hans was going to be riding a geared 36". I guess he went with a different set up.

Hans rode a 29" schlumpf in Laos, but he does have two schlumpfs and one is a 36" one.

I rode a Coker last year in the Denmark tour and then a Schlumpf in Laos. These are different tours, so it’s hard to compare them (Denmark is flat, Laos was not). On a Schlumpf, you can definitely go a lot faster on average, though I was not very good on the uphills. However, I think on the Schlumpf, you pay more attention to what you are about to ride over and therefore, you don’t look up as much at the scenery around you. The difference is in the pull on the frame when in geared up mode, where if you hit a bump and need to catch yourself from falling, there is a pull forward on the frame that throws you off a little more, so it’s more difficult to correct from a sudden loss of balance. Having said that, I definitely love riding the schlumpf more than a coker. On a miserable ride I did yesterday – in the rain with a headwind much of the way – it was very nice to have the 1:1 gear ratio with a 29" wheel as it was very hard to fight the headwind.

Han’s was going to ride his 36" Geared Coker but in the end decided to ride his 29" Schlumpf instead (just as well, I think his Geared Coker used a 1st Generation Hub).

The Laos tour was not as hilly as the AUT, and the climbs were more gradual. The Schlumpf was less stable on the flat, but definitely faster. On the downhills I think it was probably about the same or slower depending on how steep it was. (It should be faster, but except for wide open roads I think I held back more than I would have with a Coker).

Day 4 would have been much nicer on a Coker- with a Schlumpf I had to really concentrate on the dirt road, whereas a Coker would have been a smoother ride.

It was nice to have 2 gears though- for example being able to switch to low gear for our urban ride around Bangkok. I also liked climbing with it- you can keep up a much higher cadence. And it was much easier to transport on the plane etc.

I think I would have been equally happy riding either the Coker or a Schlumpf on either tour- they both have their advantages.


Do you think that a geared 36" would have been better in some situations? For the dirt road you could have switched to regular coker mode and for flat road you could cruise at a low cadence. I was really hoping that someone was going to ride a geared 36" in this, so I could see how something like that would perform for a long tour with a variety of road conditions and elevations.

how much will the kh geared hub be ?

I dont think that KH has established a price yet, but from reading another thread it seemed like a ballpark figure for the entire unicycle would be $1600, and the hub ballpark figure would be $1200-$1300. I could be wrong though, I am just getting my info from what I read in the couple threads that came up when I was searching yesterday.

I built a 36" uni 2 years ago, it was too fragile for the LUT. So I ordered a 29" Schlumpf in spring 2005. Florian did not deliver it till Dec. 2005 because there were problems with the first generation hub. I was concerned, that I would not have a uni for the LUT so I ordered another hub from Florian in Oct. 2006. I upgraded my 36" with this geared hub. I used 140 mm cranks and the uni was very hard to ride for me in 1:1.55 mode. As the 29" guni came I was happy to use it for the LUT.

I changed the cranks on the 36" after the LUT to 170 mm and I am very happy with them. I rode more than 500 km since Feb. 2006 and I love the geared 36". The hub on the 36" ( the only Coker parts are the tube and the spokes) is in between the 1st and the 2nd generation. It still has 6 pins but the pins are conic like in the new hubs, so the gears cannot slip.

A little comparison between the 29" and the 36" geared unis:
The 29" is

  • easier to mount
  • easier to shift (because of the newer hub)
  • very easy to ride and idle in 1:1 mode
  • fast enough for me in 1:1.55 mode
  • easier to pack and transport in plains and trains

The 36" is

  • more fun (I love the “Coker feeling”)
  • more stable because of the flywheel effect
  • It rides over bumps more steadily
  • easy to ride in 1:1 mode
  • a manageable challenge in 1:1.55 mode

So I think, the difference is not too big, but the 29" is more easy and reasonable and the 36" is more fun. I ride the 36" more than the 29". I use it mostly in the flat and in 1:1.55 mode most of the time. I shift down for up- and downhill, strong headwind, crowds and dogs, traffic and bumpy roads. I thought about selling one of my gunies, but I cannot decide which.


How fast on a Coker at 1:1.55 ?

How fast can you go with the Coker set to 1:1.55 ?
What sort of average speed do you get on long flat rides?
That sounds like the ultimate high speed long distance unicycle.