geared uni how much

i read somewhere here that kris holm made a gears 24inch that rod like a 24 and coker ( something else if i remember rightly) much money would it cost?

Q2.are they custom made?

Q3. how many gears are there? fast?

Q5.where is the gear changer many civialnns have these (dosnet include Kris Holm hes a clebraty)

thx in advance

They’re not out yet! They’re a collaboration between KH and Schlumpf, which means they will use a splined version of the Schlumpf two-speed hub, probably geared to 1:1 and 1:1.5 (24" and 36" effective wheel diameter).

KH himself had a prototype at Moab, there’s been footage on here of him riding it.
But they are not scheduled to be released for sale until the summer, and will probably take a bit longer if there are any final problems that need to be sorted.

As for price, I think they will be a couple of hundred pounds/dollars more than a regular Schlumpf, which in the UK will be around £1500. I’m not sure how much Schlumpfs cost in the US, but they’re certainly not cheap!

There’s actually a whole thread about these unicycles, have a search!

  1. I heard the first hub cost to make $1600, unicycles with this technology would easily hit £2k i should imagine.

  2. Yes, as there’s only very few in the world. They are specifically designed for unicycles.

  3. 2 gears

  4. Depends massively on how fast you can pedal, I understand speeds of 16 or 17mph on a 36" wheel aren’t that unusual.

  5. the gear button protrudes form the end of the axle, where the crank nut dust cover would usually be


Check out the schlumpf website for more info about the schlumpf hub

tbh the pacticality does not outway the price, you might as well buy the 2 unicycles which do the same thing.

Then, enstead of shifting on-the-fly, to go different speeds, youll just have to ride with both unis all the time, always holding the one your not riding in front of you, so you can jump mount from one uni to the other as a way to shift lol

If i had the money, i would buy one right when it comes out, but by the time i get that much money, they will hopefully be a few hundred dollars cheaper =p

Can the Geared uni coast?


As in does it have a neutral gear? No they don’t, riding a coasting uni is a very specialised trick and isn’t a practical way of getting around. Of course you can coast on any normal uni, just not with your feet on the pedals.

well i know u can coast a uni by wheel walking which i am learning, but for coasting to be practical you need to be going downhill. I figured it would be cool if a unicycle could coast like a bike could, by just pedaling hard. Either way the geared uni is a great step forward for unicycling.

Surely when you’re coasting you don’t pedal atall? Coaster unis have been built, Roger at UDC UK has one, i think SWAT have some videos around somewhere with them riding a green 12" (?) They’re very hard to ride, no good as anything more than a novelty.