Geared PennyFarthing

i found an old geared penny farthing on google.

Go down to the “Thanet Safety Bicycle Circa. 1893” it has a geared front hub!

its pretty kewl

About 1983, I rode a “Crypto Bantam” - fifth on the page that this link goes to:

I had intended to do a sponsored ride on a penny fathing, and went out for a day with Desford Lane Pedallers:

A great day out. the Bantam was Ok to ride, but horrible to stop and dismount from. :astonished:

so u rode the Bantam eh? How was the hub? i always wanted to get a Penny Farthing, but anywhere i look at them they are like $500. expensive buggerz!

that’s pretty kewl u went out with the Desford Pedaller people

From what I remember (after, er… 22 years :astonished: ) the hub is a single speed. It gears up with sun and planet gears to make the wheel “effectively equivalent” to a proper penny farthing. There is a hell of a lot of leverage - it’s like I imagine riding a very very heavy Coker with a GUni hub would be, except that you’re sitting in a strange position.