Geared Muni: Sponsors Video

Hey everyone,
I knocked out a small video for all the sponsors who have helped me get ready for the World Champs in Italy this year. Riding is at my local trail system at Glenrock in Newcastle. Big thanks to Mark and Kevin Wharton at, QX series unicycles, and the boys at the Drift Bike shop in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy!

Sweet! Good luck for the world’s, I’m sure you will do well.

That’s great to have so many Muni movies here lately :slight_smile:
Thank’s for sharing and see you at Unicon

I am also happy about how many decent Muni videos are on the forums at the moment! I’m really looking forward to meeting up with lots of international riders at UNICON. If you think you recognize me at the event- feel free to come up and introduce yourself and we can go out riding :slight_smile:

Maybe we should suggest to the organizers a ‘meet and greet’ night where each discipline has their own meeting area so you can find riders with similar intrests etc? What do you think?


I don’t know how the “Meet everybody” event would look like on the first day.
But I think that for Muni the “Daily Muni” workshops would serve that purpose :slight_smile: I’m not sure how many I would be able to attend, but I plan to take some.

Another great muni video, thanks very much!

What is your setup?

hey MuniBen- this is my set up.

QX series 26" frame
QX series Carbon Black/Gold Seat post
UDC carbon seat base
KH slim foam
Custom handle (of my own design)
KH 47mm freeride rim
KH/Schlumpf hub
26x2.4 Maxxis Ardent (run tubeless)
137mm Moment cranks
Impact Knockout low profile metal pinned pedals
Custom Magura Rim brake (frankenbrake- mix of hs22/33 parts to get longer pad reach- from Brycer on the forums)
DT swiss 2.O spokes.

Thanks, pretty custom :wink:

Nice video Mark, though I expected a little more “air time” pff that pallet :roll_eyes:

Awesome and other inspiration 26" XC unicycle video I ever watched. I wish you, Mark, best of luck at the racing.