Geared KH36! (with Kris's prototype 36" frame!)

Hey everybody!! I finished putting together my 36 with the Kris Holm/Schlumpf hub a couple days ago, and have gone on a couple rides with it already, and I have to say it is AMAZING. Some observations:

High gear is quite crazy… I can cruise maybe 3-4 mph faster than on my ungeared coker with 102s, but it’s decently scary, and any irregularities in the road really hurts my speed, because I end up choosing to slow down rather than attempt to accelerate over them. I’m 100% certain that with some time and with some riding, my speed will increase just due to the fact that I’ll have geared coker riding in my muscle memory. Gotta go out and ride! On flat ground, I’ve pedaled it up to 21-22 (ish), but on downhills, I’ve probably only ever hit 20. 18mph feels quite natural and sustainable. I think I need shorter cranks…

With 165 cranks, I bounce too much. Florian sent me the 165 Moments instead of both pairs of dual-drilled cranks (125-150 // 137-165) like I ordered, but at least he charged me for what he shipped me; all I gotta do is get me some shorter cranks now. And seriously, it’s not even a big deal, because riding this thing is so amazing that I just don’t care at all right now! :smiley:

The slop is really good: though it’s very noticeable when riding slowly, it blends in entirely while you’re actually riding somewhere.

The hub is beautiful! It really looks so cool… Kris and Florian did an amazing job making this thing, and if you have the money and end up buying one, I guarantee you won’t regret it. It’s a work of art!

Descending in high gear without a brake for a long period of time will destroy your quads! :o … I rode up and down Mt. Diablo (10 miles and 3,200ish feet) two days ago and still feel like jello when I walk. (I hadn’t gone on a bike or uni ride for about 3 weeks prior to that, but still, usually nothing taxes my muscles like that, even after being that long out of it).

XC MUni on a 36 inch wheel with a splined hub and long cranks is just godly! You can roll over just about anything, yet the long cranks give you all the torque you need to power up some pretty steep hills in low gear.

Shifting on the fly seemed impossible initially, and then I figured it out… you hit the button with the butt of your heel as the pedal goes down in front of the hub. After maybe 30 attempts to shift since 2 days ago, I can shift about 80% of the times I attempt it, with one “attempt” being defined as “take as many pedal revolutions as is required in order to get the button to pop in.” Usually, to shift, I’ll twist my heel in and end up hitting the button three or four times before I actually get it to pop in and shift the hub.

Shifting at speed seems better than shifting going very slowly, due to the small period of freewheeling when the hub is “between gears”. When you’re moving with a little bit of speed, the cranks lock in much more quickly, sometimes so quickly that you don’t even realize that they were just freewheeling on you for a fraction of a second. I’ve only ever fallen due to a shift when I’ve been going really slowly (though I haven’t ridden much yet, of course!)

The frame is beautiful, and LIGHT! It’s stiff as hell, and when I ride muni with it, it feels like I’m on a real muni and not on a 36er. Except for the speed, of course! I can’t believe how much lighter the KH36 frame is than my old Nimbus. Guess that’s the difference between aluminum and steel! The seat tube is a bit long, but that’s because it’s a prototype. Kris warned me about this, and luckly, I’m tall enough so that I can have the seat at the proper height and not be stuck with it too high, so, for me, it makes no difference. It just means that not too many shorter people will be able to ride it.

and… PICTURES!! :smiley: is the link to the whole album (on me .Mac Web Gallery). Here are a few for those who don’t want to click:

Wow that looks amazing. I want to try it but I think I am too short;)

Im in love, and its time to start saving my money up for one of those hubs.

wow that is awesome, cant wait till they come out and i have the money, id love one. i envy you!!!

Chuck’s visiting Santa Cruz for a short bit, and we are going to do a Coker muni ride on Saturday. Anyone in the area is welcome to join us. email me for details.


How much is that setup, minus the T7?

Where/how did you get it? You mentioned that’s it’s a prototype, so do you know when it will be available to the GP?

What a beauty!

Could you drill a 36er rim like a 19" rim for weight loss? I think this would be a good way to lose weight.

@Danni: I’m sure you could drill the rim out and have it survive, but given the way I break just about everything I touch, I’m definitely not going to do it to my rim. You can definitely drill an Airfoil rim… ask Ken Looi (GizmoDuck) about that, I think he drilled his. UDC’s stealth rim, which is what I’m running, is a bit lighter and I don’t think I’d want to drill it. I’ll leave it to Ken to try! :slight_smile:

hey, the Terry: The hub and cranks ended up being $1476 total straight from Florian, which seems a bit high ($1268 hub, $75 cranks, then shipping?.. maybe he charged me more due to the weak dollar? I was too excited to look at the receipt and think too hard about it, and I still haven’t now that I’m sane again). The rim and tire together are just over $160, the frame (shipping in late June, far as I know) will be $200? I paid Kris $140 for this prototype (140 including the shipping). The seat is $54 on UDC I think, the seatpost is $20, the spokes are $2 each ($72 total), and I paid $50 for the pedals on eBay. Added up… hmmers… that makes $1,952 plus the tube. Just under $2000 is my answer.

As for where I got the frame… I originally emailed Florian with some questions about the hub, and after Florian got back to me, Kris replied with some more information. This resulted in a little conversation, where it came up that I wouldn’t be able to run the hub in my Nimbus 36 without welding on new bearing holders, and (not knowing he was working on a KH36 frame) I said “guess I’ll have to wait for your KH36 to come out, eh? ;).” When he messaged me back, he told me he had a prototype sitting in his office that was perfectly good except for too high of a crown, and that if I was tall, it’d work out… and he sold it to me for $140!

I am supremely crazy lucky to have been able to get this frame, and Kris, if you are reading this, THANK YOU! Your unicycle hardware is just beautiful. Like my Macintosh and Cannondale. The effort you put into making a superior product really shows, and I know I’m riding something that’s really loved by the person who created it. BTW, Up here in Northern California, I’ve had hard core, elitist, gotta-shave-the-two-grams road cyclists look at my cranks and say “are those made especially for unicycles?? They’re beautiful!”

I can’t wait until I’m a good enough rider to fully even take advantage of this beast. It’s going to be super fun getting there!

I think I read something about it being available sometime in the summer, but not in time for RTL.

Edit: Also, That uni looks absolutely amazing!

drools anyone want to buy a Nimbus 36’er with Airfoil rim and TA tire with a little over 3,000 miles on it?

Gorgeous looking rig. Looks blazing fast just hanging on a hook.


I hope you don’t mind, but I used this image as a desktop wallpaper.

Amazing photographer, even more amazing Unicycle.

You have the exact Unicycle I want :slight_smile: Except I would Powder Coat it black.


Ive been waiting for a geared 36 to appear for a while, so thanks for proving my dreams were possible!

No it wasn’t me…I think Pete Peron is the man with a drilled airfoil rim.

That’s a beautiful Uni Chuck. I had the opportunity to ride a KH Schlumpf hub and it’s a much nicer hub than the 2nd Gen Schlumpf hub.

I’m getting a Triton frame and the Nightrider/Stealth wheelset. Hopefully in time for RTL, if not then Unicon.


Thanks for the great write-up. I should be getting my KH/Schlumpf hub in the mail tomorrow! (Frame sometime in '08:( ) I’m curious about your impressions descending in high gear. Do you think it was especially tiring because you’re not able to spin as naturally as you do in 1:1 mode? Are you going to try and get a drag brake set up on it? Did you ever feel the wheel wanting to slip out of control from speed?
Thanks again. Congrats on your awesome new Guni.

Yum. I think that’s my future unicycle!

Hey Ken,

what’s nicer about the new hub? Is the ride better? Obviously the attachment method is more convenient, and it’s got a wider bearing spacing and is stronger, but it’d be interesting to know if there’s a difference in ride?


Wow, I think that is the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen. I did actualy drool on my desk after looking at those pics. I am printing off some right now and I am going to stick them up in my room :smiley:

My 1,000,000 questions:

Did you tighten the crank arm bolts with the 6mm hex tool that Florian provided? I posted about how it had a little bit of play in the nut while trying to tighten it(for me at least).

Also, have you had any trouble with a crank arm coming loose a lot?

I know what you mean about your quads killing you after riding in high gear for a while. Unicycling on a ungeared 36er with small cranks does not wear out my legs anywhere near as much as a geared 29er in high gear.

Have you weighed your entire unicycle yet? My geared 29er was about 17 pounds with everything on it (which is kinda heavy, but that is due to the hub, the moment cranks, the snafu pedals, gb4 bars, and rail adapter).

Have you had any shifts where it didnt shift as you expected? I find that sometimes if I am not applying a lot of pressure to the pedals (like when I am going down hill) if I try switching to high gear from low I am able to pedal a few times before the shift occurs. This also might be because I am not hitting the button as hard as I should.

Aaaand one last question: who built your wheel and what size spokes did you end up using?