geared KH 29

i’m interested in getting a geared 29er but not for sure. So i was just wondering what people have and a price for it. Most extras would also be accepted (bars, brakes etc.)


bump, anything?

anyone got something?

I would also accept just a used schlumpf hub


or a used ungeared KH 29er

or a used ungeared KH 29er


unfortunately, I don’t have a 29er to offer (mine is loved and used regularly) but just a quick remark.

If you plan to go for a geared 29er, the most expensive will be the Schlumpf hub. Next to that, buying a 29in rim and fork (new or used) will be not that noticeable.

Maybe you can be luckier looking for some parts (rim, fork…) and throw some you have (if applicable).

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Note: I will try to re-contact a friend of mine and ask him if he is using his spare KH 29 XC rim (circa 2005 model) :wink: