geared hub

Does anyone know where in North America you can purchase a geared hub?
The pickin’s seem slim lately.

I don’t think that anyone stocks them anymore. You will just have to order direct from Florian in Switzerland.

Cut out the middle man:

I figured as much. Thanks for the reply and the link.

This is a good post…
Why did they get rid of these things? They were pretty amazing.

Hey Ian,

We stopped trying to stock the geared hub as it is so slow for us to get them - but they are an awesome piece of equipment - and buying them dirrect will result in the same price and the same shipping time frame.

If you need products like shorter spokes and such I keep those in stock.


What do you mean? If you are referring to UDC, they only had a very small batch in stock, most people ordered their hubs from schlumpf directly and the hubs are still being produced and are available to buy.

They still are amazing =]

If you are in hurry I have one in stock this moment, of cause…“will result in the same price and the same shipping time frame.”

I’m interested, but not really in a hurry. PM or email me with any details.

Is building a wheel on a geared hub much different from building one up on a regular hub? Are there any non-standard (besides the hub) parts that are needed?

It should be pretty strait forward. You just need shorter spokes and I would build 3x instead of 4x to keep the spoke angles reasonable.

I might be taking back my statement of amazement. Although when they work they’re amazing. I was out with my buddy who had one on his KH 20 and the thing broke on a simple pedal stall. Kind of makes me nervous to even consider buying one.

@ riot- the kh schlumpf hub is not designed for trials (so your friend that put it in a 20" was kinda asking for it to fail- especially doing a crank grab). I have had one in a 24" muni and apart from some bearing problems initially- which were dealt with by florian- it has worked a charm. I use it for a mix of xc and DH and it has held up wonderfully.