Geared Giraffe Video

Here is a video of me riding Skippii’s geared giraffe in front of my house today. It shows my method of mounting it, and an example of some of the speed you can get with it.

here is just a short video just showing the speed:

i dunno, i think seeing a non-geared giraffe might be more interesting…


Is that the same setup as before?

Yeah, I havent changed anything on it.

That is tremendous! What ratio is that at?

what quicktime plugin do i need to view .avi format vids on a mac?

34:19 on a 26"
=virtual 47 inch wheel.

dude… that’s one big wheel… even if it is virtual…

That rolling inertia is crazy.

haha yeah, dont try to stop it too fast or it means certain doom.

i’ve got a virtual wheel bigger than that. 2 actually. i even managed to attach them to the same frame.

My old boss had a giraffe like that, it was insane to ride. I’m no good with numbers, but it was one pedal revolution = 3 turns of a 20" wheel, someone with some brains can work that out :wink: It was impossible to mount alone, you had to be pushed until you got up some speed

3 turns of a 20= 60 inches.

That sounds about right :wink: