Geared Giraffe & Ibanez for sale

Selling a geared giraffe (not on ebay). To see the giraffe, watch this video:

It has a 1:1.75 gear ratio, a 26" wheel, and flies!! A challenge to learn but a fast unicycle!

I’m also selling my Ibanez RG4:

(ebay link is in the info section)

a tip:

post pics of the giraffe, or say what time the uni is shown at in the 10 minute long video :astonished: .

edit: found it at 6:53…

how much?

Dude, that thing’s so cool. Why would you ever want to sell it?


Oops, sorry. Thanks for fixing me, James. :o

The geared giraffe, asking for $300, or best offer. (not including S&H).

Selling it because I want a 36"

I borrowed the geared giraffe from Skipii for a while and it is definitely a scary fun ride!

I will repost a video of me riding it at speed in front of my house to maybe help sell this thing.

I couldn’t get the free mounting down and I had to use a tree to get on it, but it is quite challenging at first and really fun once you get the hang of it.

going to moab?
I’ve got one i’m 80% sure i want to sell i’m taking with me.

Where is Moab?


Joey, you have got to get into mountain unicycling :astonished:


Honestly, I’ve tried MUni on Belle Isle and I didn’t have much fun doing it.

I DO, however, want to get into distance/touring on a 36" but I can’t afford one. I have a cheap Sun 29" with modifications but I’d rather do that on a 36.

I guess I’m more of a recreational / freestyle rider than anything else.