Geared 36

2nd? gen hub. (previous gen)

Cleaned it up, rode it a few hundred miles, but it doesn’t get as much use as my commuter. In its current config I’d like $1900 shipped to the continental US. If you don’t want the brake, handlebar, saddle, etc I can knock off some depending on what you’d like. I also have a shadow bar setup if you would prefer that.

new tire and tube (<100 miles). Latest generation of KH street is on there. If you’d prefer the KH zero, I have one of those I could throw on. I may have a few pedals to swap out for, but nothing metal I don’t think.

comes with instruction booklet, a couple of tools and a few tubes of hub grease.

by the way, if you’re just interested in the wheel itself and already have other parts, let me know. I can use a lot of the parts elsewhere so I don’t mind selling it separately.


Price drop to $1750 for the complete, 1550 for the wheel, frame, and cranks.

SOLD! and a new riding buddy near me! :smiley: