Geared 32 from Poland


I have my G32 for sale!
Great unicycle for commuting and touring. 32" wheel is faster than 29" and easier to manouver than 36". In practise it is much closer to 29" than to 36", just 29" having big tire that is still road oriented. Geared hub extends both the range and speed, so you can really go touring. I did my 200km ride on this one and a number of short ones - including 2nd place on Goerlitz half-marathon, where I averaged around 34km/h on a long descend. The brake is rather emergency one as it lacks disk-brake softness, but it helped a lot on descends during Amatour Tour de Pologne stage.
I’ve decided to sell it, because most of my rides are in the town and there the G32 is just a bit faster from my G27.5 and my heart hurts a bit when a good Schlumpf stays so long without ride.
Price 1111e, shipping within Europe shall be agreed

Part list:

  • Schlumpf #628 - bought new from Jogi spring 2013; I did about 6000km on it; grease was regularly added; the only problem I encountered was loose dust cover on one of the bearings, but I gluead it back and it keeps well
  • Cranks KH Spirit 150/125 - bought autumn 2013; mounted a few times, so it would be hard to set up disk+Schlumpf on them; all other setups (i.e. disk without Schlumpf or Schlumpf without disk) work well
  • Brake Acera V-brake + magura-v-brake adapter done out of furniture parts
  • T-Bar KH - bought w 2011; I have had it in 4 of my unis already; cut more narrow for muni; bar ends could be swapped to something not that sharp
  • Fender from Author mounted on water bottle Decathlon holder

Bought November 2016, about 1200 kilometers:

  • Rim 32" Nimbus ‘Dominator2’
  • Tire Nimbus Nightrider 32" x 2.25" - should be still good for long, long kilometers
  • Spokes 315mm black
  • Tube 29" Continental
  • Saddle Nimbus Stadium - slim and nice for long rides
  • Pedals Dartmoor Candy

Bought February 2017, about 1100 kilometers:

  • Frame KH 36"
  • Clamp Impact ‘2 Bolt’
  • Seatpost Nimbus ‘CrMO’

Interested in the hub if someone else wants an ungeared 32.

Great looking machine and very detailed spec :slight_smile:

Out of my budget at the moment, hopefully I will try a Schlumpf hub one day…

Simon, if the complete uni won’t go then I will consider selling them separately.

21.12662 miles per hours for those of us not on the metric system?! Seriously? Wow, I hope you were wearing bubble wrap.

Interesting rig, but not sure how I’d get it across the pond. Thoughts? I’ll be all over Europe in early May and could check it as baggage I guess…

What is the problem with the KH Spirits and disk brakes? Alignment?

“furniture parts”?! Do tell! Seems like 3D printing could be a big help these days.

Anyone know what the life of a Schlumpf is?

It was scary, but you know… you don’t think that much while racing. But I hit 20 mph a couple of times on my commute, but it was much shorter segment there.

I haven’t checked the possibilities to ship it overseas. Regarding the check in on the plane… it depends on airlines. It will be definitely over the size limit. I haven’t taken this one on the plane, but when I was travelling with my 27,5 it was already over the size and nobody complained while it was still within the weight limit. On the other hand I haven’t visited US.

KH Spirits work great with disk brakes. It is just “old” Schlumpf that has shorter axle than regular KH hubs, so it requires some grinding and even then it goes extremely tight. This particular Schlumpf and cranks were already used in this setup, so if you try it once more it will go even tighter and I was not brave anough to grind this frame to that. If somebody wants this kind of setup, I would recommend getting new cranks. It will give better tolerance.

I guess we need metal parts for that. I’m sure I’ve posted more details of the setup somewhere on the forum, but I can’t find it now.

I don’t know. I’ve seen some having big big miles on them. On the other hand some fail early.

I’ve also found my summary of the uni from some months ago:

Hi, i would be interested about the uni without shlumpf…

No plan to sell separately at the moment but I’ll definitely consider it in the future if it is not sold.

Let us know if you’ ll decide to make 2 people happy instead of only one!


I might be interested in everything other than the hub if that helps.

Chatting with Fat D about splitting this together as we’re both UK based!

Schlumpf seems to go. I will most probably update this offer with ungeared option, but that will happen once I’m done with all changes. Offer halted meantime.