Gear Packed for Multi-Day Ride

Thanks, Killian. Just put Slime on my shopping list. I’ll hit up a LBS this weekend and ask them about it.

aracer - It feels like I HAVE obsessed over every item! But I’d definitely make at least a few changes if I were buying everything all over again. I’m sure after my ride I’ll have an even better idea of which items are unnecessary. But in the meantime, I’ll try to keep obsessing and cut some of the fat.

And you’re right about the backpack being heavier than other options. I chose the cheaper, heavier option–perhaps mistakenly, but when I was shopping around I couldn’t tell if some of the lighter options (like the Inov-8) would carry enough.

Looks like you’re doing pretty well though, but to really say, Having the weight of gear would really help.
I would say if you want to go even lighter you need to make concessions, including on clothes: only 2 t-shirts should be enough, the one you wear and the one drying. SAme thing for shower shoes. I didn’t even have a towel on my trip (but I had a fleece jacket that I used as a towel)
A lock can be pretty heavy, yours doesn’t look super heavy but still. I decided to only bring a really really light one, that would only prevent someone to grab the unicycle and go with it but would not be good enough for someone who had real plans to steal it. It’s pretty rare that a unicycle would be stolen (I’m not saying it never happens, I’ve had one stolen in the past). For short trips 2-3 days, I don’t event bring a a lock
I also agree that the backpack is essential and yours looks pretty heavy and not really fitted for several days all day long but I understand it’s expensive. I really think the backpack is the most important piece of gear and needs to rest on the hips so it’s not just your shoulders and back doing the work.

I don’t know if you’ve had the occasion to read my list but it might help.

I am using it on all my unicycle and bicycles.

It started to use it on my commuter bike rear wheel when I got a flat because of a piece of metal. I was too lazy to patch it the good old way.
I just poured some slime in, pump it to the proper pressure and turned the wheel and WOSH ! No more leak :smiley: And I am riding the wheel since and it is already 2 years old.

People praise the tubeless setups because you become thorn-proof thanks to the sealant. With some slime, you get the same benefits without the installation assle :wink:

As a bonus, here is a video of an abuse test on tubes :smiley:

In my experience slime and fix-a-flat both work well for sealing tubes. The only problem is that it adds a small amount of weight.

Well if you’re carrying more than 30 litres, you’re definitely carrying too much!

Well there’s at least one item on your list I’m fairly sure I’ll never need :wink:

Anne-Sophie, welcome home! I watched your Facebook page during your trip. Your ride, as well as Cary Gray’s (, are what made me want to take this short ride–which obviously pales in comparison. I actually referred to your gear page when I was putting this stuff together.

I haven’t weighed each item like you did, but since I posted this last week, I have eliminated some items to get the weight down to a total of 17-19 pounds, which varies depending on water left in my hydration pack. As you suggested, I’ve limited myself to two shirts only. And I’ve also found some nylon shorts to replace my heavier and bulkier cotton shorts.

I’ve thought about ditching the lock altogether, but with the uni outside my tent at night I decided better safe than sorry. But I did shop around and bought the lightest lock I could find.

I looked at your backpack. Now I want a Mammut. But my wife may leave me if I spend another $200 for a pack at this point.

Thanks again for the tips and the inspiration.

Siddhartha and Shmolagin – Thanks for the Slime testimonials. I’m picking some up at a LBS this weekend.

Thanks, Looyd. I’m glad my list has been helpful and that I even got to be an inspiration!

For leaving my uni close to my tent without locking it, what I would do is mount my tent so the uni was kind of attached to my tent so if someone was going to grab my tent, they would probably wake me up. But I’m not saying you should not take the lock if it just lets you sleep well at night and means you won’t worry all the time. you can also attach it on the uni when you ride so you don’t carry it in your back.

My Mammut backpack has been awesome. People who would grab it were like :“wow, it’s quite heavy” but once on my back it really didn’t feel that heavy at all.
Another really good brand is Osprey, especially their Exos46 or Exos34. They’re easier to find. That’s what I was planning to buy but Osprey don’t have an ultralight version for Women and its structure was too big for me. The Mammut was exactly what I was looking for.
Yes, it’s a big expense. If you lived closer, I would be happy to lend mine (assuming we would be able to make it fit you, it can be adjusted a bit). What about trying to find someone around who would have a better backpack that you could borrow (yep, I know it’s not necessarily easy) or finding a used one…

Ingenious! I never even considered that, but I’ll try it.

Also taking a cue from you and a few others, I did put a small luggage rack on my uni. The tent, shower shoes, and air pump get strapped to that. It’s shown here on my ride last weekend:

What will you do if your tent gets a flat?


I’m wondering the same.


needs more gaffer tape…

It came with a patch kit. :smiley:

I’m back! I only lasted 5 days, but it wasn’t due to any gear shortcomings–my knees (well one of them) just didn’t hold out.

Despite my failure, I did have a good time.

Here’s a video recap. You’ll have to pardon my dumb sense of humor.

It’s too bad you didn’t “beat” the whole thing but at least you’re in one piece :roll_eyes: . How many miles did you make it?

Great video! Looks like a harrowing journey! (But those are the most interesting to tell stories about.)

Enjoyed the video, good work on doing what you did.
I’m sure as the pain subsides you’ll be planning the next ride.

Thanks for movie, get your knee back into work and you are up again. I just don’t like last sentence in final text :wink:
What kind of knee problem was it? Did you have any problems with this knee earlier?