gear for a uni?

so… hi=]
i picked up my first unicycle yesturday.
so i wanted to ask you guys,
wat unicycle gear i need?
(like helments and etc that you use)

btw my first topic too so i am not sure im in the right place
btww any jerusalem riders in here?

A helmet is probably the most important. Most UPDs are very minor. You just step down and land on your feet. For more serious falls, you’ll probably scrape your hands and knees, so gloves and knee pads are a good idea especially when you first start out. Later on you may find that you don’t need the knee pads anymore.

When you start to learn free mounting, it’s easy to whack yourself painfully in the shins with the pedals. Shin pads will save you from some bruising when you get to that point. Also make sure you have plastic pedals. Metal ones will cut you.

I haven’t found a need for much more gear than that. It’s hot here, so I try not to wear any more stuff than necessary.

EDIT: Padded bicycle shorts help with soreness on longer rides. You won’t need them in the beginning, but eventually you’ll want some.

It depends on the style of riding you are going to do and where you’re riding. eg. if you were learning on a gym floor I prob would just use wrist guards.

Some people like me often wear a lot. When I Muni I wear a helmet, knee/shin, wrist, elbow/forarm guards, but pad (like this one, but mines the Pro model, the Med is too loose and there’s no small).


I’d suggest any learner to wear wrist guards and not just gloves. And learn to ride short distances along support, dismounting at a specific spot w/ the L & R feet, as well as rolling falls on grass, THEN free mounting or longer distances.

A friend said he didn’t need wrist guards or the support and could just ride off w/o doing the above and broke his wrist. He never would try again.

Wrist Guards

I live by my safety gear. I’m a middle aged klutz new to Uni so the only way I will ride is with gear on (although I’m feeling less and less need as I improve):

(1) wrist guards…It’s a natural reflex to put your hands between the ground and face when you fall. The wrists bones are very easy to break so you gota have them.

(2) Shin guards Getting my knees scraped got old the very first time it happed which was the first time I got up on the thing. I have 661 veggie skins they are light weight, not hot and protect the front and back of my legs.

(3) Elbow pads I’m sure glad the scratches and scrapes are on my Pro-Tec skate board elbow pads and not on me. They are dirt cheap and save you so much pain.

(4) Knee Pads I haven’t had much use of them but since I have bad knees that don’t need any further abuse done to them I use them and besides my 661 knee pads make my 661 veggies look real cool.

(5) I have a helmet …but so far I haven’t felt the need to use it. If I were going faster or Muni (one day maybe) I would but for now that’s at the bottom of my list

I live by my safety gear. I’m a middle aged klutz new to Uni so the only way I will ride is with gear on (although I’m feeling less and less need as I improve):

A man after my own heart, although I only wear knee pads, gloves and helmet, the only good UPD’s ive had I have always managed to skid along on my knee pads, helmet is really for reassurance as it is only used for low trees. Club nights only protection is shin pads doing tricks.

Welcome to the forum. Try using the search function before starting a new thread. Here is the link to a very good thread on the subject. It all depends on what kind of riding you are doing. I always start any post by saying that I ride a 36" at high speeds. That being said, I am geared to the max. I suggest POC or 661 pads.


ok tyvm
can u offer me a good company or somfing?