gbarnes is famous

George Barnes IV made the DesMoines Register on Thursday. You can read the article online at;

Plus, I’ve scanned a picture from the paper;

It’s really a great article. It makes muni sound like a fun safe sport, and not just a bunch of clowns bombing through the woods.

You rock George!!

Check it out.

Mojoe in snowy Iowa

An example of fine journalism. He even found the article about George Peck in The Atlantic.
I like that the article has a “you should try this” poin of view rather than “what an odd sport”.

Wow. My seatpost is about a foot shorter. Unbelievable!

Oh yeah, and good article George!

George was already famous here, he’s just expanding. Good press. Thanks for the heads up, Mojoe.


That is another great article about unicycling and one of its innovators.

Two questions:

  1. Is unicycling claimed to be safer than bicycling because of it’s obvious speed limitations? What else?

  2. What is the source of the estimate of 3,500 MUni riders worldwide?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Thanks for posting this Mojoe.


  1. Yes. Also, there is less to become entangled with during a crash compared to a bike (where you’re probably clipped in to start with).

  2. I threw this figure out as I thought I recalled John Foss giving a similar number a while back. Anybody have a different estimate?

I think that number is low, based upon sales of Muni’s (600+ a year from that too is a guess based upon rounded numbers) Then there is Darron, and in addition you have people that get cheap unicycles and put mountain bike tires on them. So my guess is that 1500 min. new Muni’s are made each year. Also you have people that already own muni’s and dont get another one that year.

So my guess is that number is more like 7,000-10,000 people that ride muni world wide in some form or another.


But you’ve got to remember that a lot of people buy munis but don’t ride them. Even amongst unicyclists, at least in the UK many have munis but don’t ride them off road, or ride offroad maybe once a year.


So does that make MUnis the SUVs of the unicycling community?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

MUni’s don’t pollute,

But other then that seems like a fair anology.


Not only lack of clips or clipless, but the overall ease in “bailing.” So while a unicycle in the learning phases presents a much greater falling-down type danger, the types of accidents that cause serious injuries are much harder to do on a unicycle than on a bicycle. Unless you’re near cars.

And those are only estimates. The number is subject to debate not only in the amount, but in the definition of the question. Are we counting mountain unicycles sold? If so, what about street unicycles on trails? And what about unicycle sold but never used? How often must one ride offroad for it to count?

So based on all those variables, you can come out with anything from very small numbers up into the tens of thousands. My past estimates are based on people who do it regularly, and are also a year or more old, so they’re out of date. MUni is definitely growing fast!

Great article for George. The so-called Intel executive in the article is either me or Brett Bymaster (or both). I was a contractor, and Brett was a co-op (intern).