GB4 trials frames?

Yo, I’ve always wondered what these are like, didn’t kevin mcmullin have a white one of these a while back at unicon or something?

I know nothing about Gb4 as a brand but could someone care to explain to me and others what it’s about? and the design and some pics of their trials frames?

Anyone got a decent pic of kevin’s white gb4? i thought it looked sweet! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t directly answer your question, but it might interest you to know that GB4 is no longer manafacturing unicycle parts. GB4 is George Barnes the fourth, a guy in his late twenties i believe who made top notch unicycle frames. My friend got one of his last, a 26" to fit a largemarge/endomorph setup. Last I heard he’d had to move and was 9 hours drvie form his workshop, making continuing the business impossible.

There is a picture of GB4 trials unicycle with a GB4 frame on George Barnes website, but it’s black not white.


There are close up of the frames in the R & D page.

Looking at the picture’s of his uni’s on the site, how can this: Possibly be a 29" wheel?

Either way, the seat is double the height of the wheel at least, so he’s one tall guy.

GB4 is 6’6" or so, and the 29er is in fact a 29er. i have a trials from him, i’ll try to find a pic later, but mine is black. his workshop is in western iowa and he currently lives in denver.

yeh i’ve been interested in the brand too but never knew much about it. i think pics of kevin’s uni exist somewhere, ive seen them before but forget the source… hmm, i will try and remember but does anyone else know? it was sweet uni!

im pretty sure matty proters using one of these frames

Gb4 did used to make frames, but their rare, and i never saw anybody/anyplace selling them.

way in the past by the way.

out of date but there are some pics on the site