GB4 T-shirts - order before April 14th


Due to popular demand I am having some GB4 t-shirts printed.

Please view to see what the shirts will look like.

The t-shirts are printed on high quality, Gildan heavyweight shirts. These are the same shirts as the ISUUC shirts, for those of you who have those.

They will be available in the following colors:

  • Ice Grey (NO long sleeve)
  • Prairie Dust
  • Orange

Pricing is as follows:

$10 per short sleeve shirt
$13 per long sleeve shirt
$4 for shipping (if applicable, for as many shirts as you want)
If you order 3 or more shirts, I’ll pay all of the shipping costs.

I need to have everyone’s order BEFORE April 14th. I don’t necessarily need payment by then (although it would be nice), but I want to give the order to my screen printer on the 14th. The shirts should be ready about 2 weeks after the 14th.

So, if you’re interested let me know BY E-MAIL the size and color of the shirt(s) you desire ASAP. Be sure to include “GB4 t-shirts” in the subject. I’ll reply with payment information.

Please send orders to:

Are those colors close to the actual colors? Is ice grey bluish and prairie dust greenish?


They’re pretty close. There looks to be a hint of blue in Ice Grey, but it’s more grey than blue. Prairie Dust is definitely greenish.

Here are the color swatches from Gildan:

Ice Grey

Prairie Dust

Here’s a shot of me wearing a Prairie Dust ISUUC shirt.


Looking at the actual cloth, I don’t see much blue in it. The ice grey looks like the same color as what other brands call silver (which is not metalic at all).

The Prairie Dust looks more yellow on my screen than the actual cloth, but it’s hard to show the actual color on screen as every monitor is calibrated differently. It’s hard to describe the color, but it’s more of washed out brown.

I’ll pretty much agree on the ice grey. I still see a hint of blue in it. I have not seen this color in person, so I don’t really know.

I’m wearing a prairie dust shirt right now, and it definitely isn’t yellow. I might liken it to a light “fatigue green”.

So prairie dust is definitely a different color than the tan Unicycling Planet shirts? (Gilby should know this)


The Unicycling Planet ones are the color “sand” which is a lot lighter than Prairie Dust. Prairie dust is more like the color of bark on a tree, a greyish brown.



I’m calling in the order tomorrow morning, so if you wanted one of these shirts send me an email today!


George, I’m really sad that these shirts are all gone now. I’m sure a lot of people would buy some if you were to place an order. Any chance of a reorder? I really want to buy one, if not two.