GB4 muni/trials handle for KH Velo saddles

Hello all,

I’d mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a replacement handle for the new Velo saddles.

I’ve got a prototype together and will be testing it for the next few months:

The handle is a direct replacement for the OEM plastic handle, requiring only a 10 mm wrench or socket for installation (no drilling or cover removal).

Assuming testing goes well the handles will be available from in the near future.

First impressions:

*The handle seems very stiff, though there is a very small amount of flex in the plastic seat base.
*The Velo saddles seem to be well designed and of better quality than any other production saddle.
*Comfort wise I still prefer my CF base/air pillow saddles, though again I feel the Velo is better than any production saddle.

Does anybody have any complaints about the Velo handle? I’m about to order one very shortly

Nice work George. Where do you find the time for all these projects?

See ya on the BRR Ride… Mojoe

I haven’t really used one yet, but I’ve heard people say that they are flexy. Also, I think a lot of people dig the Reeder handle style and want that option available on the KH saddle.

Yes- unlike early KH sadles, those at don’t have coloured bumpers- all black, yuck.


I rode on the new Velo saddle last night and it deffenatlly has won me over. The grip in the front is wide enough for all your fingers, its squishy, it weighs less than the Viscount saddle, and I really didnt notice much flex in it at all.

The only downside I saw to it was that seat in front grip is a little tuffer because the saddle is thick, but with a bit of pratice I dont see that being a problem at all.

I am getting one when I have money.