GB4 handlebar

Anybody have an old GB4 handle laying around? even if it’s damaged I may see if I could get it repaired. Something similar may work as well.

Maybe shoot Jakob a PM. I have a request for a Reeder handle if he ever has the time to make one. Maybe he’d entertain tha idea of making the touring handle too. Weren’t the GB4 handles made for a Miyata saddle?

not sure, I thought they had the current 4 bolt pattern, but that would make sense. It’s a pretty old handle. : P I already have something in the works from Jakob, but it’s not a handle. He may be down for it. I wanted one to put on said current project. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the Handlebar. It would be great if Jakob could hook you up along with your (frame?) order.

I know he hasn’t forgotten about me, but maybe you could put a little reminder in his ear…

Seriously I know he is very busy, so I will just wait, and see.