gb4 frame on a koxx 1 hub

I want to get a gb4 frame, for my koxx hub, but the bearings are the wrong size. The koxx hub is ID 25mm/ OD 42mm, and the gb4 frame is OD 40mm. Does anyone know if there is a ID 25mm/ OD 40mm bearing, or something like ID 25mm/ OD 35mm that i could use a shim to make it work, or have any other ideas on making the hub and frame fit? thanks

The 42mm bearing that is used in the Koxx is a specially manufactured bearing. 25mm id bearings should have a minimium of 47mm OD.

So simple answer is no. More complicated answer is a may be if you took ISIS bottom bracket bearings and then sleave them. But bear in mind that these bearing have been getting a reputation for failing on bikes because they are so small and Unicycles are considerably harder on bearings than bikes.