GB4 back in action - February Muni

With two fully inflated lungs, I got out for a little muni today. There’s a compilation of video clips and some pictures in the gallery.

Glad to hear you’re fully inflated, George. Hope you’re back full force. Keep 'em puffed up.

I loved the video, great work! That’s something I’ve never tried before…riding on ice.


Thanks, though I can’t take credit for the video editing. My riding buddy does a really nice job with that kind of thing. Look for some more clips of him in the near future.

Ice riding yesterday was the most fun I had all week! If you couldn’t tell, I was trying to ride, lock up the wheel, and just slide along. I was also trying to turn fast, and slide sideways. When executed properly it almost looked like the ice skating move used to stop and throw up a big sheet of ice flakes.

Nice clips, George. Welcome back!:slight_smile:


Glad to see you’re taking advantage of your improved health… I’m also thankfull that water doesn’t freeze hard enough to walk on here. Almost time to wake up Lewis and go ride- we’ll see if I can conn him into bringing the camera today and we can try your pritty ice-skater turn-stops on mud.

Send more video- and next time over dubb with your lovely singing voice; I have to pop-in the Violent Fems to watch your flick properly…


So you don’t have to go and explain it all to me, could someone please post a link to the thread that talks about George’s lungs?



Ah yes, I remember that thread now. I just had trouble linking it to your name in my mind. I’m glad you’re alright now.