GB4 and a brake? Where to mount a brake w/ handle set up?

It has been frustrating for me to try to get a brake set up in a good position…

Where/how is the best way to mount a brake if you are using a GB4 handlebar setup? I have the Miyata rail adapter and the brake gets mounted below the seat in an awkward position and makes it difficult to use. I can’t use an extension because it hits the GB4 handles.
(you can see this set up here:

I think that even with the longer brake post on the KH type rail adapter it would still interfere with the handles.

I could mount it on the handles themself, but if the unicycle fell the brake handle would hit first and not be protected. Is there anywhere and anyhow to mount a brake with this handle? I just ordered the brake mount sold on ( ) that will fit 22.2 tubing (primo rod seat post I have) and this might work. However…I am planning on getting the Nimbus frame and the seat post will be too large in diameter for this to work (I am not even sure if it will at this point for my current set up).

Anyway, if anyone has a picture or information on how they mount a brake in conjunction with using a GB4 handle set up…post it! (other than PDC who posted in an earlier thread…which gave me the idea for the brake mount)

I would think that there would be a similar problem with the T7 bars as well…the only brake I have seen with a T7 bar was mounted on the handles and I would think that a bad fall would break the brake handle. So…also…how are people mounting brakes with their T7s? I am more of a fan of the GB4, but it is proving to be very frustrating to be able to use a brake with it, and the last few rides I have done have been screaming for a proper brake installation!

Also…was the conclusion from riders that it is best to take a dremel or something with sand paper and sand the sidewall of the airfoil rim for a better braking surface? Or was there a better method?

I’ve got my brake lever mounted on the left prong of the T7. It’s rotated a bit so that it doesn’t touch the ground if the unicycle falls to the side. If the unicycle falls forwards, the prong of the T7 hits before the lever does.


Take a bar end and cut it so it leaves only a stump of the tubing. Bend its holder out so you can fit it on the center tubing of the GB4 (pointing downwards). Attach brake handle to the stump. This worked very well for me. Pics are on the old comp so no show I’m afraid.