GB4 Air Seat Construction Instructions

I’ve written some detailed air seat insructions (with pictures!) for carbon fiber bases using Reeder and GB handles.

Nothing earth shattering, but I thought I’d post it for anyone considering doing an air seat conversion. Obviously the instructions would be fairly similar for Miyata bases and other handles.

I did this for an English class (technical communication), so they’re kind of pedantic.

Really nice George!

Lots of detail and great pictures too.


Very nice. Make sure it is easily available to all and well publicized.

Way to go George! Very, very well done!

What’s to stop the rear bumper’s bolts from spinning when you want to disassemble the saddle? The duct tape?

I would have thought that you could get away with non-coach bolts everywhere else, except on the rear bumper…


I’ved used plain hex head cap screws on all of my rear bumpers for some time. I can do this because I do NOT use nylon lock nuts. I just get the hex nuts tight enough to snug up the bumper.

Between the duct tape and holding/pinching the bolts through the seat cover I haven’t had a problem.

I saw the most of these instructions done in front of me by sir-george. Excellent I might add, although i could use some more air in it, ill go do that right now.