GB4 36er or G5, which would you choose?

On todays little coker ride, I stopped by the airport. There are so many
jets there, it’s unbelieveable. Next week there will be more for New Years. I took this pic of the GB 4 36er next to a G5 jet. Here are a few facts on this G5 jet: Passenger capacity: 10-16
Two toilets / Washroom fully separated
Convenient double and single beds
Conference / Dining area
Several single VIP seats
Satellite communication
State of the art entertainment system
The Gulfstream V’s ability to travel nonstop for 6,500 nautical miles at speeds up to Mach 0.885 sets the benchmark for world travel. For the first time, nonstop business travel between destinations such as Aspen and Rome, London and Singapore, San Francisco and Moscow, and New York and Tokyo is routine.
It will only get you for about $50 million dollars, but you will have to wait in line. I think that someday I would really like to get a ride in one, going Mach .885 sounds pretty frickin exciting. Until then, I’ll spin my GB4 36er up and down the Colorado Rockies at a snails pace, with a smile on my face. Happy New Year!:smiley:

time to gear that coker up!

I’d take the GB4, myself…

Or you could take the jet and get thousands of GB4s!

Hey, if you can afford the G5, then you can definitely afford the GB4 36er in addition to the G5. Why choose? Go with both!

GB4 - vs - G5

But, the GB4 fits in my uni-vault so much easier. I, too, would choose the GB4 (as if I had a choice!).

the exact speed of Mach is a function of air temperature. That would mean that according to your description, the top speed of the plane is variable depending on what kind of day it is? :thinking:

Based on observation, the engine driving the one-wheeled machine is more powerful than the one driving the jet.

What else do I need?

Only when it is sitting there U-Turn

Is that a function of elevation?

Yeah! right on.

The owner likes the Dallas Cowboys, nice star on the tail.

I have family in Denver, next time I see them I want to go on a ride with you, :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have an extra Coker?

I gotta say, given an either/or decision, I’d hafta go with the G5. I love unicycles but a jet with transcontinental range would get me and my custom 29er anywhere in the world I might want to ride.

I’ve had the rare privelege of travelling in both of the jets that the company I work for has. A Lear and a Westwind. Don’t know the model number of either. The Lear is wicked fast. Flies at 45,000 ft. and once, when I was on board, the Mach meter was pointing at 0.92. The Westwind is much better on the creature comfort end of the scale but slower. You absolutely can’t beat a Gulfstream for out and out luxury though. And that transcon range is something that I’d be really interested in. Ah, to be wealthy :sunglasses:

BTW. That is one sweet unicycle you’ve got there.:wink:

Right you are.

Here’s what I found on;

The Mach number (M) refers to the method of measuring airspeed that was developed by the Austrian physicist Ernst Mach. It is used to indicate flight velocities in high-speed flight and is related to the speed of sound. The actual speed of sound varies depending on the altitude above sea level because sound travels at slightly different speeds at different temperatures, and the temperature varies according to altitude. At sea level, the speed of sound is about 761 miles per hour (1,225 kilometers per hour). At 20,000 feet (6,096 meters), the speed of sound is 660 miles per hour (1,062 kilometers per hour).